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    DC Talon Court of Owls

    Thanks! It's been a learning experience because this is my first metalwork. I'm trying to mimic the gauntlet from batman vs. robin. I think after this i'll try and get more into the 3d printing and casting side of things as I am interested in becoming a costume designer and I know they don't do...
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    DC Talon Court of Owls

    So I've looked around the internet and haven't found any good Talon suits or cosplays, even though I think the Talons are definitely one of Batman's deadliest enemies and very high up in terms of badassery. This is my very first cosplay or suit of any kind so I Have decided to be the first good...
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    Batman begins utility belt

    Ive been looking for a screen accurate batman begins belt, probably resin or urethane. I don't have much money so I'm only looking to spend about 100$ but I would also consider buying moods or casts to make my own. I don't need any of the accessories just the belt.