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    WW2 Captain America Helmet

    Those are ww2 front seam, swivel bail helmets which if restored to ww2 condition are worth around £150 maybe more. Just saying. Look on JMurray1944 for info. I made mine out of a post-war cheap belgian helmet so that I wasn't damaging anything precious. Sorry to say this but as a US ww2 restorer...
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    Star Trek TNG era movie Isolinear board holder identifying troubles

    No, thats just the finish the acrylic/perspex gets once it has been cut or engraved. It can be polished out but obviously wasn't for the prop.
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    WW2 US Army mannequin . (Saving Private Ryan) Captain Miller's Uniform

    I am afraid that getting all of the necessary original gear would be extremely difficult and as a US WW2 collector, I think it is unlikely that you will find many things like the assault vest. The clothing and equipment used in the film was likely brought from somewhere like Soldier Of Fortune...
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    Star Trek TNG era movie Isolinear board holder identifying troubles

    As a matter of interest, I have tried making one of these myself as I make Isolinear boards etc. I have access to a laser cutter/engraver and was planning to cut layers of 3mm acrylic which I could bolt together to the required thickness. I would cut one thick block if I could but the laser is...
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    Captain America WW2 (Bucky Rescue) M1 Helmet

    We ended up having to mix the paint with some grey to give it a better finish because on the large surface it looked different. We are having some better paint made up which matches a sample sent to us by the original prop maker. Just to make it better.
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    Captain America WW2 (Bucky Rescue) M1 Helmet

    So my dad and I are US WW2 re-enactors and helmet restorers and we have been for a good few years. When we saw Captain America The First Avenger, we had to make a helmet to match the one seen in the "Bucky Rescue". Knowing the value of original WW2 helmets and how rare some of those are, we...
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    Pre-Build 2

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  11. Liner Conversion 1

    Liner Conversion 1

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    Liner Conversion 2

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    Pre-Build 1

  14. Captain America Helmet Mk2

    Captain America Helmet Mk2

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    German WW2 Helmet Find

    I think that the most common colours were Apfulgrun (Apple Green) and Field grey. The SS helmets were a black colour. But towards the end of the war, there weren't enough resources to make the precise colours so it varied a bit.