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    Printcostume fabric help

    Hello everyone. As you know, Printcostume offers three types of fabric, regular, colored and upgraded. What's the difference between all of them? What's the best one for a Spider-Man suit? Thanks in advance.
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    Naked Snake/ Big Boss MGS 3 and Solid Snake MGS 1 simultaneous build (DONE)

    Re: Naked Snake/ Big Boss MGS 3 and Solid Snake MGS 1 simultaneous build (WIP) Looking really good
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    Superior Spiderman Mark I

    Thanks man.... Yeah, i was talking with Tjack about buying his lenses when i got all the money. ZentaiZone prints and sew the suit with a base of 75 dollars.
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    Superior Spiderman Mark I

    So, this is my first try to make a costume. I will try to make the first suit used in the Superior Spiderman series. My plan in making the costume: -Use Superher0g33k's Free Pattern on Sellfy -Use ZentaiZone to print and sew the suit I still don't know about the lenses or the faceshell, i was...
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    CW's Wally West - "Kid Flash" Costume Revealed

    Looks pretty good for me, but since this version of Wally is based on The New 52, they should have used the other costume.
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    Solid Snake

    Is this the MGS1 suit right? The colors looks right, and i always thought that the suit was made of fabric, and for the jacket, i would use eva foam.
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    >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

    Hi Everyone. Im from Chile, and i always been a big fan of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and almost everything. I really like the idea of making a good costume, but laziness is my worst enemy.