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    Biggest project to date-WORLD WAR HULK!

    Your FedEx office sounds like rubbish. IMHO, there was no need for them to print in color or convert the file to greyscale, Glad it worked out for you in the end.
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    Biggest project to date-WORLD WAR HULK!

    Looking forward to your progress. Why are you worried about greying out the yellow highlighter? Unless they've updated since I've last used them, the large format copier at FedEx/Kinko's is black and white. Your highlighted areas will be printed in gray anyhow,
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    The 89 MattMobile Build Thread.

    Building Two??? Nice!
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    Wide seam line - Hydrocal two-piece mold

    go with your fourth option, WED clay on the outside. it should hold up to the pressure and you can always add more clay if it pops. I suggest strapping up the mold and filling with water so you know were it will leak. You'll have to let the mold dry before using the latex.
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (Post-release)

    I did. I will say I thought the river scene was well rendered, particularly when Raphael gets to shore. There is that joke with Bebop and Rocksteady. I had to keep remembering this is a Nickelodeon movie geared towards kids, but with jokes like that, I wonder. The masking of toe thumbs and...
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    Spray paint still tacky on armor... help?

    Some of those tubing won't accept paint well, as you've found out, even with products like Krylon's Fusion paint despite what the label says. It's almost as if the PVC is constantly gassing off and interfering with the curing of the paint. You might want to try a translucent setting powder...
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    Officially Licensed Deadpool Costume Pattern

    Cool find! This looks like a decent base for a comic book version. The mask doesn't look like it has the jut out at the crown, but that can be fixed. Those gloves look like a fun sew. On an additional note...they also have comic book Cap and Thor, plus a couple DC Superheroines...
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    pvc board style material for cosplay

    Look into Sintra. Check your local sign shops. They might sell you remnant pieces.
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    dry cleaning and super glue

    A lot of it depends on how much the glue is soaked into the fiber. I can tell you that Picarin is what we used to get super glues, etc out of fabric at a costume shop I worked. This is a solution dry cleaners use. Take the cape to a cleaner you trust and ask. They'll let you know if it is...
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    leatherworker alteration?

    I would definitely call UD Replicas and have them walk you through the measuring process. While in theory, an experienced leather tailor/seamstress COULD alter a larger size to fit, the intricacy of design and construction of most of the UD line, IMO would either scare them off or cost as much...
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    Just another day at the office, cruising around in an 89 Batmobile.

    That's too cool! Were your daughters at school and missed out on the visit?
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    spandex and spray adhesive on EVA foam

    If you want a big glue spot on top of the fabric....... The spray glue won't work its way through the fibers like you want. The only way is to carefully release the fabric from the EVA and re-apply. A hair dryer works great to soften up the glue.
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    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Definitely and "R" and and center ties of a Robin suit under there.
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    How to determine how much silicone needed for mold and how much resin needed to cast

    Re: How to determine how much silicone needed for mold and how much resin needed to c These should help.
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    Divergence Starfire Construction?

    For the cut outs, I would face the circles in the same silver material. You might have to use an interfacing to help prevent distortion.