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    Becoming The T-1000 Terminator From Judgement Day

    Phenomenal! I actually spent a fair amount of time doing research for this costume, and while you didn’t always find the exact pieces, your dedication to accuracy and awesome photo shoot are commendable!
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    Terminator: Dark Fate

    Old quote I know, but the guys at SureFire were actually able to hook the laser up to a battery hidden in a pocket in Arnold’s M65. Anyways, I’m not quite impressed with this new trailer, but upon doing some reasearch, I have much more hope for his film than any of the others this century...
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    Anybody else sick of this Superhero, overplayed cash cow?

    I think superhero movies have been popular for too long with too much source material and interest to fade away for a long time. Years ago, both Spielberg and Cameron predicted that within the next few years, people would get tired of superhero movies. If anything, they’re more popular than ever!
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    Limited Run ESB Crew Parka by Magnoli Clothiers

    I’m not sure how legal it would be for Magnoli to sell patches that clearly state “The Empire Strikes Back”.
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    Question Avatar Maximum Resolution Change

    Hello everyone, is it just me, or did you guys all get a message saying “your avatar looks like it’s from 1995” or something like that? Eitherways, I clicked on that link and was asked to reupload it. I’m guessing the max resolution has been raised significantly, because my previous avatar was...
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    Conan's Sword (the Original movies)

    I’m sorry to bog up this thread, but those Mad Max 2 style shoulder pads are too much. About the sword, while I’m not sure it’s original, it certainly looks like it.
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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Pre-release)

    Caused exactly by the reasons I’ve stated. The fumes are moving twice as fast, the pebbles are also moving twice as fast, but are pulled down by gravity twice as fast, and the car’s going to bounce unnaturally at 2x speed because gravity is treating it like it’s going half as fast. In short...
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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Pre-release)

    I think there is a main factor (or two) in what makes what should be a simple effect look bad. While speeding up the film 2x, the vehicles appear to move twice as fast, which is definitely feasible and something most of us humans have a reference for (I’m sure all of us have seen fast-moving...
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    Things you're tired of seeing in movies

    Does anyone remember the one where they’re supposed to be on a plane but you can hear a car honk its horn in the background?
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    Alphonse Elric armor (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST) build by castpixel

    I’m loving that squishy cat!
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    Mad Max MFP Uniform/Acessories Thread

    After close inspection and comparisons with some rare hi-res images I’ve gathered, not only were these badges the best on the market, but they were 100% accurate with the exception of the pin on the back. The replicas come with the EMS-type screw stalks, which hold much better than just a...
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    Mad Max MFP Uniform/Acessories Thread

    Well folks, here they are:
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    Mad Max MFP Uniform/Acessories Thread

    A little over a month later, I finally have a couple things that I ordered come in from Australia. Will post images later.
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    Most iconic car in history

    I thought I was the only one around here who like the Aussie sedans, glad to see I’m not alone! There’s even a limited production run of some 1:18 AutoArt models going on here: MFP Badges Sadly, it’s become common knowledge that two of the three sedans that were used ended up at the scrapper...