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    custom neca 1/4 predator display

    here is a new custom display i built for the beautyful 1.4 preds sorry this is already sold ,but i can make more PM me, thanks for looking
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    custom (tribal shamman) 1/4 -18' neca predator

    well if i ever became a pred this is what i would look like. I added 5 different types of leather,tons of beads,hemp and cord ,real bones,a total head repaint and mods( teeth/tusks),and custom made quills. more picts in my gallery-enjoy
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    well here ya go a custom 18" aliens warrior, i wanted to do this for a while now and wanted to get it done before my twins come (about a month away) i tossed the dome and sculpted the detail on the head and the hands are from the Tsukuda 1/5 aliens warrior but the scale looked good. a total...
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    New sculpt started - 1/3 Alien Warrior kit - Finish

    well mine is on the way cant wait to start painting i..... got it free as a trade to paint one for a i get to paint it twice!!!
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    why is hot toys sculpting a figure without a face? and why cant the sculpter just make one up? seems kinda ass not to let the figure and the sculpter have more freedom.
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    customized lost predator hottoys

    you should prime it however i didnt... i just sprayed over it with tamiya BUFF paint then a thin wash of coco brown
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    customized lost predator hottoys

    well i got the pred bug and i snagged a lost pred and just went all crazzy on it, first a total repaint, custom rt arm net,sculpted some armor on legs and arms and added blades and a wrist computer to the stock ones by sawing off parts from a cleaner pred gauntlets and sculpting in the detail...
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    my ever growing skull collection

    the human skulls are true 1/6 as i made them and customized them myself.
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    my ever growing skull collection

    so you bought my custom human skulls
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    pred ship interior-1/6-WIP

    i want the feed back guys thats why i posted it as a WIP THANK YOU ALL.
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    pred ship interior-1/6-WIP

    thanks all of you ...i would like to ask for more input on details -and if there are any interior shots that i could use for reference.
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    pred ship interior-1/6-WIP

    thanks and no its not a specific ship just a loose interpretation of pred design elements.
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    pred ship interior-1/6-WIP

    ok here is my try at a pred ship dio in 1/6 for hot toys pred -i had a few request for one so here we go... its got a light on the top to show the wall detail too i still got a few things to add ,but i wanted to get some feed back from you guys.....thanks. ...