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    Want to Buy Found-Please Delete

    Re: Judge Dredd 2012 Helmet.......Hollywood CA? Perhaps, I will start there. Thanks!
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    Want to Buy Found-Please Delete

    There was a guy selling them out of Hollywood, CA. Anyone have any info on the seller or a casting they want to sell? Thanks
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    One Third Scale Han Solo in Carbonite

    If these go in the Junkyard, color me interested.
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    (Re)Casting question

    If we follow your train of thought, by you asking the question means you pretty much know the answer. If you were asking if there was a loophole to recasting there are a some but the RPF takes this very serious when you pour rubber on one of their own. So in short dont recast if you are offended...
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    (Re)Casting question

    Or you could do what you want and keep it to yourself. You are coming to the wrong crowd for sage advice.
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    Seinfeld (TV)

    Always interested in Seinfeld!
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    Disney buying Lucasfilm (new Star Wars movies on tap)

    There goes the hobby, the real Stormtroopers are coming. God help us all.
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    Looking for DRAGONULA from Ebay

    Does anyone have his email? I know he is a member here. Thanks
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    Please Help My Ellen Ripley Go Viral....Round 2 Page 2

    Re: Please Help My Ellen Ripley Go Viral.... Wish I could, darn.
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    Production made Bane mask in a german sweepstake

    Because we are the REPLICA PROP FORUM, photos like these can be invaluable to us. So I hope they can be posted here or a link provided. :cool
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    lifesize Pfeiffer Catwoman statue

    I dont think the glue gun is screen accurate. :lol Awesome job, well done! :thumbsup
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    My Jack Nicholson 89 Joker bust broke

    If its for sale Im interested. Thanks
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    Lapd uniform

    I got my LAPD badge from a friend at LAPD who got it from a gun show. He said they sell badges there. When we compared his to the replica you couldnt tell the dif and he told me to be very careful with it. :cool
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    Iron Man - helmet way too big... [pics]

    Rooster, its your helmet to do with as you please. At the end of the day it was your money and it is in your house so you can do with it as you wish. So just take these as suggestions not end all be all law. Good luck with your build.
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    Star trek: The next generation 25 anniversary

    Well 24 to be exact. I remember wathcing it with my Kmart exclusive Icee cups and my Cheerios box with the poster offer and preview of the upcoming action figure line! I think the box came with some stickers inside, I still have all these items. :cool I sure do miss Trek :(