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    Star Wars Snowspeeder question...

    I think its safe to conclude that the taun taun is a native creature to Hoth, but prolly does not venture out after sunset due to the extreme drops in temperature. I'm sure it died due to a combination of exhaustion and freezing to death. Just my two cents.
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    San Diego Comic Con - RPF Meet and Greet

    I'd love to go, I even live in SD but sadly I wasn't able to get a CC ticket this year :(
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    SG-1 Medic/Utility Vest. Where to find one?

    Hi Folks, I'm posting for a friend of mine thats working on a SG-1 costume for Halloween but has run into a bit of a snag. He's looking for a SG-1 "Medic/Utility" Vest thats been used on the show. Here's the link to the pic: If any...
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    The Stormtroopers are coming!

    Welcome back :)
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    New Vader & Trooper Costume

    I only wish I had the stones to be that Stormtrooper :lol
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    TK409 C-3PO in Clone Wars TV

    Re: TK409 C-3PO in Clone Wars TV *PICS!* Too Cool!
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    "Halo Spartan Show Thread" show me what you have.

    Spartans get all the chicks :lol
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    Interesting ANH Saber Photo

    Could be wrong but that looks like the saber from the scene where Luke first ignites it. So yeah, probably a stunt.
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    Companion Cube Pillow from "Portal"

    "I'm making a note here, huge success".
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    LOL! Who Designed These?

    I'd love to have the defiant patch
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    free snowspeeder

    Still available or no?
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    Kuhn Global HERO RED 5 by Hand Solo

    WOW! Fan-friggin-tastic :thumbsup:thumbsup:thumbsup:thumbsup:thumbsup:thumbsup
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    1:1 McQuarrie Fett helmet WIP Sculpt

    Impressive :thumbsup
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    Any Y-wing helmet makers out there?

    Hey All, A co-worker and myself want to go to the San Diego Comic Con as a pair of Y-wing pilots. Problem is I don't know where to get the Y-wing helmet or kit besides E-bay. We've tried contacting Richie's Armor but we havent had a reply in a few days. Any help would be appreciated. -Bill
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    Warhammer 40k Bolter finished

    Sweet, now if only someone could make some Planetside weapons :)