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    Bandai release schedule

    I love it! I'll buy at least 5 or 6 for different projects
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    Joker (origin film)

    Not every character needs an origin story, the Joker is one of them. It seems decent but there's something strange about setting the origin of one of Batman 's top villains while he's still a child. I do like the look better than I did Letos take on it but eh unless the next trailers grab me...
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    Dark Phoenix (Post-release)

    Disney bought Fox. It's not so much the rights returning as Fox doesn't have a choice. Given how terrible this movie looks that's for the best.
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    Bandai clone kits from Nuclear Model

    People on various FB groups have mentioned these before. Some sort of Chinese knock off, the sprues are identical but supposedly it's a very hard plastic. Maybe bandai uses the good stuff through the day and later the factory runs with the crappier stuff for the chinese market?
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    Victory class Star Destroyer - Ertl conversion

    I always loved the design of the victory class saying back to the X-wing games. Really wish they'd actually used it in the prequels instead of the Venerator. Or a Vic instead of the Dauntless in Rogue One above Jedha.
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    Replica Real Guns

    Amazing work simply amazing.
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    Bandai Snowspeeder WIP - first model

    Decal over a gloss coat, then matte the whole model.
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    The Predator (Post-release)

    How does crap like this make it actually into production? I mean damn. There were some decent parts, but by far there was way too much stupid. The ending I don't think could have been stupider. They should have kept the Dutch returns ending, way better than that dumb Iron Man rip.
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    Bandai release schedule

    I have my doubts about 3D printers ever becoming the equals of the molding tech. Remember for every innovation they have so does the molding tech. Triaxial jet, slide molds. Those will just keep improving as well.
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    Monsters in Motion...beware

    This is why buying things in a whim is bad. Even a cursory search would turn up the problems with Rubies Scout helmet. It's definitely not MIMs fault.
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six -WTH haven't they made this movie yet?!?!?

    I always wanted a Without Remorse movie but anymore I seriously doubt Hollywood would make it and even if they did I'd be scared of how bad they'd screw it up.
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    The Meg (Post-release)

    Ugh the Shallows... Well it was better than 47 meters down at least. I went Thursday, it's not a bad movie. Nothing from the book came them aside from the names of a couple characters. I enjoyed it as a popcorn movie. I've seen a few posts from Alten on his FB page saying how happy he is...
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    Identifying decals on Red Leader's Helmet from ANH

    Well it was reused it for ESB and ROTJ so maybe repainted then. I really hope they didn't muck with it during Rebel Assault 2
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    Bandai release schedule

    The really old Essential Guide to Vehicles had that as the setup for the Flurry carrier.
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    Bandai release schedule

    Did we though with new stuff? I don't remember the atm6 announcement until after the movie everything was just repops of existing kits