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    What’s Everyone Working on During C19 Quarantine?

    That's really nice. I have a few different burgerstrings helmets, and I was just lamenting the other day that I'll probably never get around to figuring out color schemes for them, let alone actually painting them. :confused:
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    Greedo Killer build with a real Mauser

    So I finally received the Solo's Hold heat sink last week. It's interesting to compare it with the Field Marshall. I think I prefer the overall shape and proportions of the Solo's Hold, but does anyone know the reasoning behind the short left side and the resulting asymmetry? The Field...
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    Obi Wan Lightsaber Document Holder?

    You're absolutely right. I'll save my money and wait for the lightsaber toilet plunger. :p (if it hasn't been done already I'm sure it will happen eventually)
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    Obi Wan Lightsaber Document Holder?

    That would have been my thought as well - "document holder" = tube that holds your rolled-up papers, right? I guess not... per the product description - "Collectible lightsaber handle that can double as a paperweight!" :rolleyes: Pretty expensive "paperweight."
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    What’s Everyone Working on During C19 Quarantine?

    22 years ago! :oops: Gotta say, I'm really looking forward to this - I've always admired your work. I'll also say crib as much as you want. I myself was hugely inspired by Joe Johnston's concepts, both for color "feel"/ideas and potential graphics. If I remember correctly I used Rustoleum...
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    Mandalorian Reference Thread

    Dude... it isn't out until August. Volume 2 is supposed to be out in September.
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    Alternate Boba Fett blaster

    Do you not own a copy of Star Wars Chronicles, Seth? That photo is in there.
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    Tom Spina Restorations

    You could PM Nanotyrannus and ask him: Nanotyrannus He recently had Tom do some work for him: Screen Used Jurassic Park and World
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    2001: A Space Bone

    Excellent. (y)
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    2001: A Space Bone

    Nice! Not sure how crazy you might want to get, but you could do a quick waste mold of your sculpt to cast up a hard copy, which you could then refine even further, and then make the final mold from that.
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    **SPOILERS** New RoS prop image **SPOILERS**

    It's gotten to the point where I sometimes have a hard time telling, but judging by the weird focus and the "halo-ing" around some of the other items in those images, I think those are also 3D renders and not photos of physical objects. After all, that IS what this guy does - 3D design.
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    One of the most deadly substances the earth has ever seen......

    Regular JB Weld has a full cure time of approximately 24 hours. JB Kwik sets up in about 5 minutes with a full cure time of around 4 hours. You should search for PHArchivist's posts about this prop - he did one back in the day...
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    The Empire Strikes Back (Post-Release): 40th Anniversary

    I had to look it up, because that didn't seem right to me. I had NO idea that the film had a staggered release in the US: USA 17 May 1980 (Washington, D.C.) (premiere) USA 21 May 1980 (Seattle International Film Festival) USA 21 May 1980 (limited) USA 20 June 1980 Weird! I...
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    What is your “Holy Grail” of movie props?

    Thanks! I knew that you weren't implying that it was the original. And it will probably never leave my possession, as Shawn is an old friend (he asked me to finish his own Overthruster for him). I pressure cast the clear resin pins for him as well. I think he did an excellent job remastering the...