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    Jediseth lightsaber with removable core

    Awesome job! This is a thing of beauty. One quick question, I notice on your drawing you've labeled "plunge switches" am I right in thinking these simply push the button on the core beneath (as opposed to being wired in themselves)? I'm looking to do something similar using a cheap, annoyingly...
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    R5 (ish) Droid build

    Sorry, I haven't been getting any notifications about replies on this thread?! The drum was unbranded but I used this one if that helps? To be honest with you I would probably look to use a different one if I were to do...
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    CHAPPiE Replica Costume

    This is great! I've made a couple of bits out of foam (mainly because I'm poor but also because I don't have any kind of workshop until I move so I have to create everything on my livingroom floor.) I have to say the detail you've got here is spectacular, all those different layers really sell...
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    Boba Fett - Clone Wars - Bounty Helmet

    Boba Fetts non-mandalorian helmet from the clone wars episode “Bounty” has long been one of my favourite helmet designs in the SWU. I love how menacing it is, but The main problem is that it looks completely impractical without some kind of technology from 'a long time ago’ helping out with the...
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    R5 (ish) Droid build

    Well, I finally found a few days to build and paint the last few bits then rust and dirty the whole thing up, pretty happy with how he has turned out but he definitely needs a restraining bolt. TTM
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    1:1 scale imperial probe droid

    Amazing! Watching this one with great interest. Each layer you unearth when studying the reference material must bring a "what have I let myself in for?!" moment because that thing is full detail! Good luck, looking awesome so far. :thumbsup
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    R5 (ish) Droid build

    Thanks everyone, I'm quite pleased with how he's turned out so far. :) Hopefully I'll have the remaining bits done soon so I can take some decent pics of the finished article.
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    R5 (ish) Droid build

    Hey fellow nerf herders! I'm new to this forum so I thought i'd start off by sharing a few shots of something i've been chipping away at slowly since the beginning of the year. I came into possession of a 60L plastic drum and whilst it's incredibly useful for storing scraps, and generally...
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    >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

    Hi everyone, been stalking these forums for a good while now and finally decided to get involved and learn from all the excellent work going on here. I've been making things for as long as I can remember so it seems it was inevitable i would end up here. I used to love splicing my broken toys...