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  1. Thank The Maker

    Gotta brass scope here

    Nice. Looks like it belongs on some kind of Tusken weapon to me?
  2. Thank The Maker

    My Star Wars Prop builds

    Love the bad motivator, thats great!
  3. Thank The Maker

    Black Series Helmets - whats next after Boba Fett

    I guess the "electronic gimmick" could be the flashlight in the ear? or some kind of 'red-light-visor-filter' thing to simulate the thermal imaging? Honestly, I would not be surprised if this is the next BS helmet but I'd still love Boushh or a scout trooper more. Would be interested to see how...
  4. Thank The Maker

    McQuarrie Concept TK Helmet

    Wow, this is gorgeous!
  5. Thank The Maker

    Black Series Helmets - whats next after Boba Fett

    I would really like to see a Boushh helmet. Has always been one of my favourite designs from the OT. Plus my Thermal Detonator is looking a bit lonely.
  6. Thank The Maker

    Show your custom Lightsabers!

    Those are awesome. Honestly some of my faves in this whole thread and there's plenty of competition for that title. Bravo Reel Fakes, bravo!
  7. Thank The Maker

    Beskar Steel Ingot.

    Have you looked at hydro dipping? Never tried it myself, but the results I’ve seen people get look like you could achieve something similar to the beskar.
  8. Thank The Maker

    Black series XWing Pilot helmet up for pre-order on Amazon

    Awesome, I've been considering a repaint on mine. This looks great
  9. Thank The Maker

    The Mandalorian - Unnamed Armorer reference and discussion

    I couldn't help but think that the Mando children we see running through the armoury were wearing the same helmet young Boba Fett uses in the the clone wars episode "bounty". Definitely just a theory given the angles and lighting but perhaps this is a Mando youngling/training helmet of some...
  10. Thank The Maker

    Show your custom Lightsabers!

    I found this thread about 6 months ago and was truly inspired by all the awesome sabers on display here, I'm especially fond of the OT Flashgun style sabers. After reading 100+ pages I got the itch and have been slowly collecting old flashguns and other bits to create a few of my own. Nothing...
  11. Thank The Maker

    Looking for datapad animations!

    I made this quick looping .gif a few months ago to test a similar data pad idea for a bounty hunter costume. Not very much going on other than a couple of scanning animations but maybe it'll be useful for you?
  12. Thank The Maker

    Jediseth lightsaber with removable core

    Awesome job! This is a thing of beauty. One quick question, I notice on your drawing you've labeled "plunge switches" am I right in thinking these simply push the button on the core beneath (as opposed to being wired in themselves)? I'm looking to do something similar using a cheap, annoyingly...
  13. Thank The Maker

    R5 (ish) Droid build

    Sorry, I haven't been getting any notifications about replies on this thread?! The drum was unbranded but I used this one if that helps? To be honest with you I would probably look to use a different one if I were to do...
  14. Thank The Maker

    CHAPPiE Replica Costume

    This is great! I've made a couple of bits out of foam (mainly because I'm poor but also because I don't have any kind of workshop until I move so I have to create everything on my livingroom floor.) I have to say the detail you've got here is spectacular, all those different layers really sell...
  15. Thank The Maker

    Boba Fett - Clone Wars - Bounty Helmet

    Boba Fetts non-mandalorian helmet from the clone wars episode “Bounty” has long been one of my favourite helmet designs in the SWU. I love how menacing it is, but The main problem is that it looks completely impractical without some kind of technology from 'a long time ago’ helping out with the...

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