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  1. th3 pr3dat0r

    It's Sad...

    Sophomore year in highschool I was in art and I was bored so I started to draw predator. This girl comes up and asks "is that alien vs predator?" I sigh and say "no its just predator"... Double fail right there.. 
  2. th3 pr3dat0r

    Bone-Hunter Costume Build

    ^ ^ I 2nd that.
  3. th3 pr3dat0r

    Super Cheap Predator Costume !

    Guys, you do not have to buy everything... I know of people who scavenge old couches for upholstery and find really good deals online for other materials. 20 bucks is small but its easily possible if you hand craft it all yourself. On a homemade suit you are not going to spend a ton of cash...
  4. th3 pr3dat0r

    Super Cheap Predator Costume !

    20 bucks can actually be done. If you search around the house or get stuff from friends/family for free it shouldn't be too difficult.
  5. th3 pr3dat0r

    Batman Dead End (New Behind the scenes)

    dang, its been quite a while since this thread had any action. I still find that the suits used in this film are such an inspiration to make a suite. I remember the 1st time i watch it. I was amazed and to be honest, i still am. I have to give it to sandy callora for his fantastic work.
  6. th3 pr3dat0r

    Sculpting and mold making

    I would assume you could probably take a duct tape dummy of your foot and ankle and then cover it with something like plaster bandages or resin if you have large feet. As long as you make it sturdy enough you should be able to sculpt on it. I am in the same boat as you with a size 14.
  7. th3 pr3dat0r

    If You Can't Solve It By Yourself...

    Assuming you want a completely assembled and painted suit so you can just get it and wear it, it could cost up to 3 grand, maybe more depending on who paints it, who made the parts etc. If you had all the essentially and skills to paint it and assemble it yourself, you could dramatically cut the...
  8. th3 pr3dat0r

    My Pred Thread

    Really great build! I cant even handle how great that bio looks. Its just so menacing!
  9. th3 pr3dat0r

    Warning! Deluted Concepts/deluted22

    one thing i never got is why people cant just do what they have to do? i mean seriously.. if i was selling something at all even if it was 20 bucks, i would still be an honest man and be a good seller. i just dont get how a person thinks they can scam somebody. file reports with authorities...
  10. th3 pr3dat0r

    Shuriken sizing

    you could probably make a spring loaded system to make them unfold. if you notice it seems to have hinges for the actual blade itself to fold. it would be a hassle but could work great if done correct, but for the most part people just put closed ones one there belt or something.
  11. th3 pr3dat0r

    Mumbaki costume under-construction 2

    hes back! nice to see you making costumes again.
  12. th3 pr3dat0r

    backer rod

    i used the 5/8 one on my last mask and it looked pretty nice. i guess its a bit slim but when you have 50 of them it looks normal. otherwise if you want that specific size google it, and buy some from a website
  13. th3 pr3dat0r

    Guyver vs Predator

    wrong section? this should be in the predator artwork section... this section is for actual "props." anyways, im not a guyver fan but i have seen what it is. the concept sounds cool. keep us updated on the script and film.
  14. th3 pr3dat0r

    New Hunter Reporting for Duty........Sir. Update pg 11.

    i still remember when this thread was relatively new.. the good old days. this thread was one of the inspirations for me to make a suit

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