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    Future Batman from DC Universe Online Game

    3 banned on 1 page! I wonder what the record is?
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    MY "REAL" Blade Runner Blaster

    It's the cylinder that takes most of the strain.
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    Has anyone attempted Batman: Year 100?

    I'm half way through reading this series. It has a real homemade look to it. Like he got some sweats and other off the shelf stuff because he's short on bucks. Sort of like the Batman in Red Son.
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    Trailer: Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" Part 1

    No, all the copies since then. Or most of them. I still listen to 30 year old 'new' wave music.
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    Fantastic Four

    Re: Fantastic Four Reboot Sounds good to me. DD was the very first comic I ever read, but he's fallen off. As long as they do it right. Galactus is a giant humanoid guy who eats planets. If they're ashamed of that don't make the picture.
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    Trailer: Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" Part 1

    Returns was the start of the 'gritty reboot'. So it's significant for that. But gritty can be crappy too.
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    Marvel sued over Avenger's BluRay Case

    Disney probably thought it was custom made for the movie. HAA HAA.
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    Easiest way to attach a cape?

    Do you want to alter the jacket permanently or leave it as is? You can attach snaps or quick release clips.
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    Spiderman Noir costume(In the works and pics galore)

    Where did you find the pants?
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    TDKR- The Definitive Bane Costume Thread...

    The pockets look more 'poofy' on the Screen used. It looks leather to me as well. Maybe it's coated differently. Coated!
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    Angela (Spawn) WIP

    Those eyes are creepy. Where did get the knife?
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    Trailer: Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" Part 1

    Have you read Frank Miller's Holy Terror. [Not Batman; Holy Terror] It was originally called Holy Terror, Batman! [yeah] It started out as Batman vs. Al Qaeda. Because of negative feedback Miller erased the Batman elements and added Sin City, and Dirty Harry in Empire City. But it's...
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    MY "REAL" Blade Runner Blaster

    So that screw had a actual use. Seems obvious now.
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    TDKR- The Definitive Bane Costume Thread...

    Ban Him. But then, perhaps his death should be more painful. Your knockoff coat looks like plastic. That's why you steal other peoples pictures of good products.
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    What are the performance specifications of "The Bat"?

    Yes, but rocket engines exist. They could have put one in there, or Batman could have, and it would have worked. [why the military would want a rocket powered bridge layer is another matter.] But The Bat won't work, as a helicopter. Nolan Watched Blade Runner while making Batman Begins. The...