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  1. TaylorMcManus

    Looking for Amazing SpiderMan 2 costume

    Try posting in the Classifieds - Want to Buy section, or just look through the Junkyard. There are usually a few TASM2 suits for sale in there at any given time.
  2. TaylorMcManus

    My first cosplay - Star Lord

    Very nice! Do you mind if I ask where I can find that jacket? It looks like a pretty decent option for those of us looking to go the less expensive route on this project.
  3. TaylorMcManus

    Taylor McManus Spider man Pattern

    If you (or anyone else reading this) needs to contact me, please do so by email. It's much easier for me to keep track of, and I check that more often. I get a lot of PMs on here, so some of them just get buried, especially when it's questions that can easily be answer with a quick search of...
  4. TaylorMcManus

    Tulip Fabric Paint for TASM/2 Webbing

    Personally, I hate the look of metallic black. It's far too "silvery" and really doesn't match the look of the webs in the movie. Matte black is definitely the way to go, in my opinion. That's what I'm using on my suit, and I think it's a pretty good match.
  5. TaylorMcManus

    Amazing Spider-man build, need help.

    The suit you linked to is actually a stolen pattern from Orhadar. I would not suggest buying from Zentai-Zentai.
  6. TaylorMcManus

    TASM Taylor McManus WIP

    Looking good, man!
  7. TaylorMcManus

    Spidey Pattern File malfunction with Fabric on demand!

    I've always had a problem with the uploader on their website too. Just email them and they'll give you link to a different uploader.
  8. TaylorMcManus

    Captain America Suit: Avengers 2 - Reverence and building thread

    Just hit the "print screen" key, then paste it into PhotoShop.
  9. TaylorMcManus

    *NEWBIE* Spidey Suit Inquiry

    Don't worry about it, man. You couldn't possibly have known. It looks like he's also selling your lenses as part of his kits.
  10. TaylorMcManus

    *NEWBIE* Spidey Suit Inquiry

    The TASM and Miles Morales prints that spidermanwarehouse2099 is selling are actually my patterns. I've asked him to take them down, but he hasn't. Also, the TASM2 print he's selling is Orhadar's. I don't know about the rest of them, but I assume they are stolen patterns as well.
  11. TaylorMcManus

    TheKidThatDidIt's Amazing Spider-Man Costume (Sonjou)

    Here's a Spider-Man fitness thread with a lot of great techniques if you're looking to get in Spidey shape:
  12. TaylorMcManus

    Spider-Man pattern size issues and zipper location

    Keep in mind that the "measuring from the center of the eyes to the point of the belt method" is what people used to resize Raimi patterns. The belt point on the TASM2 suit doesn't go nearly as far down as it does the Raimi suit, so the measurements will be completely different.
  13. TaylorMcManus

    Stolen Orhader ZentaiZentai

    The proof is the fact that they are identical. It's not hard to see.

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