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    Want to Buy COMMISSION --- looking for Jotunheim Loki costume

    hi guys, not sure whether it should be posted here, redirect me if I am wrong please. so as the title says, I am looking for someone who's familiar with Loki's Jotunheim costume and is may take a commission on one. please flick me a message if it's you... thanks heaps!
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    Loki helmet - Avengers, detachable horns

    Hey guys, I've started that project some while ago but a pretty full on downhill bike crash decided for me to put it away until my damaged shoulder muscles have gotten right back again. Anyway, it's my second ever helmet and I'm aware of its flaws and stuff. Regardless, I'm pretty happy and...
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    Loki snowboarding in Jotunheim aka Loki's helmet build

    Haha indeed! That was one of the reason why I decided to make it during winter even tho it was a bit of a pain due to temperatures :P So cool to snowboard in it tho and ppl yelling "Loki!" from a chairlift :)
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    Loki snowboarding in Jotunheim aka Loki's helmet build

    hey all, so, well, um.. some time ago I decided I wanted to make Loki's helmet. yeah, I know, like many of you. and like some of you I have had no previous experience as such so decided to learn and build it from the scratches. not really for cosplay but for hmm... snowboarding and mountain...