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    Marvel’s 2019 SDCC

    Mahershala Ali is gonna win "most roles in Marvel" award at this rate. LoL I suppose, besides folks that have only done voice acting; I could imagine since of them have been a half dozen or more characters. And yes, I'd expect for the Netflix shows to never get referenced or pulled from for...
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    Terminator: Dark Fate

    That sounds familiar, but I can't remember when it happened. Was it a Terminator flick?
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    Terminator: Dark Fate

    Normal blatant and potentially groundless "press tour" BS; but that's done for EVERY film. The new scenes were cool. I'm still looking forward to it.
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    The King’s Man (Kingsman Prequel)

    Is there ever a picture of the pistol from the side? From the front it looked like a 1911 to me.
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    The King’s Man (Kingsman Prequel)

    I'll allow it.
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    James Bond 25 (Shatterhand)

    I wish they'd done this ages ago, it would put a fun spin on all the previous movies, and would have made more sense in the long run. The best spot for it in mind was near the start of Casino Royal. Just one line from Dench along the lines of "How does the Bond ID always manage to be given to...
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    James Bond 25 (Shatterhand)

    Last I saw, it just says she'll cary the 007 moniker. Bond has been retired, disavowed, presumed dead, etc. I imagine she'll be the one that takes his place on the roster for some period if time. Maybe they'll try Bond without a number, maybe he'll get 007. Who knows. Craig is still in it...
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    Things you're tired of seeing in movies

    Huh. Turns out that it took RoboCop 11 tries to go from "X"/"NC-17" to R. Also turns out, that I may have only SEEN the X rated directors cut, because I remember ALL the things this article is saying had to be cut.
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    Things you're tired of seeing in movies

    If I'm not mistaken, it's for ratings purposes. We're all kind of comfy with the idea that "you can be as violent as you want" and still just get an R rating; but we're used to seeing cartoonish violence, or the most horrendous violence done towards aliens, zombies, etc. But I'm pretty sure...
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    Pro Shop X-Wing Fighter Kit

    I'll take it if it's still available.
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    Bill & Ted Face the Music

    I'll allow it.
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    Knives Out

    It doesn't look like the plot is gonna hold me. And I don't see enough comedy for that to be a draw for me. I imagine I'll watch it on streaming eventually (I'll rent movies on Amazon, I just don't go to the theater for non action films these days), and just focus on getting to see the actors...
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    Kurtzan Heavily Influenced By Star Wars for Star Trek.

    "of course kids like it" also "they don't like it." At least pick one man. LoL Why remake stuff in New ways? Cause they want to see how it does. Cause they can. Cause they've already sold as many copies of the old version as they're going to? Copy right holders don't need any more than that...
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    Things you're tired of seeing in movies

    It doesn't suck any more than old music did. We just haven't gotten 20 years into the future, and only listen to the top 200 songs from each decade like we do for the '70s '80s and '90s; and ignore the 10,000 other terrible songs from each time period.
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    Avengers: Endgame (Post-release)

    *points at Avatar* "I'm coming for YOU."