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    Original V2 switch

    I believe that Brandon has confirmed that the barbricon vader saber in the archives today was once Vader’s spinning blade stunt saber. During filming of anh it had a square emitter shroud and is featured in the Kenner figure card.
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    Jabba's Spider concept model

    Wow!!!that is awsome!!
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    Living "History" - Foundry Cast 4-Piece ANH Kenobi Stunt

    Wow!!!!!amazing job. So excited for this.
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    Graflex top

    I was hoping to spend right around 100 bucks. It’s a little less then a decent one goes for but I really don’t need a decent one.the severed hand saber is scratched,painted and had brass showing through. My plan is to try and match that. I’m hoping someone has one in bad shape and will let it go...
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    Graflex top

    Looking for a graflex top,I’m doing a severed hand stunt so it can be in fairly bad shape.doesnt have to have red button or glass eye,or bunny ears,but beartab and innards is Nessasary anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    What is the largest, cheapest Yoda figure for a repaint project?

    There was an decent size rots yoda by jacks pacific I think. It was around 18-20 inches tall. Disney did a rubber yoda with real clothes that was around the same size. Both are fairly cheap,about 30 bucks I think.
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    Interest Stop motion Taun Taun Head 2nd generation cast.

    Wish these were available in the us. Would look great with my mini atat
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    Bieber Wants To Fight Tom Cruise...

    This is kinda wrong considering cruise is 56 years old. He looks younger on film and does some crazy stunt work. But in the end he is an old man. Bieber is half his age. I hope this fight doesn’t happen but if it does my money is on the old man
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    Joker bust

    Not sure we’re you can get just the top sections,maybe if you got just the material and had someone make it. I believe magolina(doubt that spelled correctly)has the best joker clothes available,he is a member here.
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    Vader helmet tusks - what were they?

    Found this about making your own.looks like it could work but the originals defenatly didn’t have an x or a line on them,so unless they filed the screw head down a bit this wouldn’t work.
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    Graflex anh d ring

    Looking for the vintage d ring from a graflex camera case that is accurate for anh build. It’s the last piece of the puzzle I need for an all vintage build.
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    Supernatural Angel Grace

    it has to be cgi at some points when it goes into or out of the bottle. So I always figured the whole thing was cgi
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    Xenforo 2.1 Upgrade Questions/Issues

    The adds are back,aren’t they supposed to be gone if you joined up for the premium membership?
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    Photos of props before the screen

    This is only one I got of weapons,I got a bespin luke wardrobe photo and countless ships. I believe it’s the fett blaster