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  1. ssloun

    P1 bio heavy and light battle damage

    Hey guys, I haven't been here 10 months or so, Ive been busy with school... Its good to see that lair havent changed, or at least I didnt notice :) Anyway, I had some time lately so I casted 2 P1 bios and decided to "fu!k em up" a little :D I was goin for a light and heavy battle damage. Ive...
  2. ssloun

    Wolf sculpt

    Hello guys, I havent been here for a while, my finals were keeping me busy, but now since Ive been accepted to collage I have some spare time again :) so here I go. I know this might not be so ,,IN" these days since the new movie came out but wth, I like Wolf so I gave it a try. I know I...
  3. ssloun

    PREDATOR 2.0

    Hey Termokk, thumbs up for this, it looks great ! Thank you for posting this thread, those pics were the excact thing to answer mz question on molding a face. Thank you again sir.
  4. ssloun

    Painting Lee's P1

    Hello there, another update on this, slowly comming to an end. I think it could be finished by tomorrow, then some dreads and wer done :eek:
  5. ssloun

    Painting Lee's P1

    Hi guys, thanks for nice comments, means a lot. to skunk : Im just trying to follow Lee's amazing texture with those spots heh :eek: Todays progress :
  6. ssloun

    Painting Lee's P1

    Hi guys, my air-brush came a week ago and my dad borrowed compressor for me from work and today I finaly started :eek:, so I thought I could post a couple of photos. Btw I like air-brush (as long as it works :devil: ), never thought it could be so fun to work with. Joseph
  7. ssloun

    The BULL Bio

    Wow, that looks so great. Btw just and idea :eek: - How about adding some more red on the top of the head, it would then seem as if the bio consists of more parts. But anyways gj!
  8. ssloun

    Four Hunters of Apocalypse Picture Gallery

    Thats just insane man :) I realy love the Famine and War one + plus that paintjob ? Thats just killer and your genius ;)
  9. ssloun

    MR or HR latex

    Hi, I just found out about one local company which makes latex pads in shoes and they supply lots of kinds of latex for very low price (4$ for 1kg of latex). So I email them saing I need some kind of RTV latex and they say, that they can offer me HR or MR type. But problem is I dont realy know...
  10. ssloun


    Hey guys, I got a question about shins. I want to sculpt AVP-r ones, but I wonder whether I should use resin or latex. Using resin would be much more easier for me, as Ive worked with it alot now unlike latex. But Im not sure how would I put my feet through them since resin canot be stretched...
  11. ssloun

    stupid question but how would i put on a usurper p1 mask?

    Hey dude, I also have P1 from lee and I cut it on the back and put there a zip. I think thats how everybody here does it
  12. ssloun

    Molding a gauntlet...

    Yes, the keys, I got now Thanks man
  13. ssloun

    Molding a gauntlet...

    Hi guys, I just began sculpting a computer gauntlet, but the problem is Im not sure about the mold. I figured out that a 2 part mold will be requiered , but Im not sure where the dividing line should be. Any help will be greatly apreciated Thanks, Joseph
  14. ssloun

    P1 bio 1st cast 2nd page

    Wow thank you guys for such a nice comments ;) . I just finished painting of my first cast and now Im about to paint another one and then more and more :D. But I will smooth the next one much more. Here's some pics

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