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    Batman's Dead End Making of Video

    Saw these 2 vids the other day. Awesome film which in my opinion are better than AVP and AVP:R - by along shot!! If I won the lottery I would be paying the director a visit with some money for a sequel!
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    Online Chat with Robert Rodriguez New Predator Film

    I watched 2 of the live feeds and was thinking the same thing about the stupid questions - I was sitting there moaning at my laptop at half the questions!
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    funny thing is - if you watch Star Wars episode 1 now it looks awful lol
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    [WIP] U-AVP: Ultimate Aliens vs. Predator (Mini-TC for GZDoom)

    I had the Doom wad file and everything on my other laptop (which I dropped and mucked the hard drive up :D ) I'll have to try get them again. I had them cause I downloaded the Doom collection for my Dreamcast, Law56kers Nxdoom Collection - had LOADS of modded doom games on there, AvPvT Doom...
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    [WIP] U-AVP: Ultimate Aliens vs. Predator (Mini-TC for GZDoom)

    Awesome!! Will you be uploading the game modded for us to download and play?would be awesome if so. Keep us updated.
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    NEW YORK PREDATORS Football Team

    Nice!!!!! I need a sticker of that for my car window!!
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    New Predators comics dark horse! SPOILER WARNING

    Yep, same here. Be definately buying this!!
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    Tri laser mouse cursor

    Just downloaded these - very cool. Cheers
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    [WIP] U-AVP: Ultimate Aliens vs. Predator (Mini-TC for GZDoom)

    Awesome stuff!!! Can't wait to see the finished game!!
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    AVP Game - Gamer Tags - Updated

    XBOX 360 spinksy777
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    Ultimate Trophy

    AWESOME!! I like it when people make the Queens head look alittle beat up in this kit. Top work!!!!!!!!
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    AvP Clan on 360?

    Been meaning to come on here and ask if anybody here fancied some games. My gamertag is (on Xbox 360 of course)- spinksy777 add me if ya want - I'm up for playing with you all, as someone else said though - no kids please. Would be good if we had aload of us together in a mixed species TDM...
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    PREDATOR/PREDATOR 2 Action Figures from NECA

    WOW they look awesome!!!!! I'll be buying both....lost hunters please too.....
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    predator + t rex

    WOW!!! Awesome"!!!!!!