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    Scammer , recaster warning : latest alias Loganprops, recent alias Snikt Shop

    Hey guys, haven't been on here for a while. Been frustratingly watching on FB the amazing bull**** loganprops STILL being used by Batinthesun so he can keep spewing his lies about how hard working he is and passionate. I've warned Batinthesun numerous times and the bottom line is they don't give...
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    Some Recent work on MAN OF STEEL Movie accurate suit . Suit Display Done !!

    Re: Some Recent work on MAN OF STEEL Movie accurate suit . WEARABLE SUIT ARMOR PARTS Hi, do you make any of these as a kit to purchase? I've been looking everywhere for them so I can attach them to my own suit. if so how much do you sell them for and do you post to Australia? Thanks David.
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    Hi all,does anyone have a supergirl mos version print file for sale?I'm trying to get one for my wife for an upcoming cosplay event. Thanks guys, David.
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    spidey suit!

    Thanks for the update on the glue to use just purchased the E6000 give it a go.
  5. Spiderman upgrade

    Spiderman upgrade

    On the way to customizing my Zentia spidey suit. Urethane check Lenses check E6000 glue for soles Black puffy paint,let's see how we go.
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    Just about ready to go customizing my Zentia spidey suit, puff paint... Check E6000 glue...check lets see how this goes!!!
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    spidey suit!

    Hi people,can anyone help me on what glue i can use to stick on urethane spidey lense's and rubber soles to a spiderman suit i'm currently upgrading. Thanks guys!
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    Information of Superman Man of Steel fabric

    Can anyone recommend what adhesive would be best to use to stick mos rubber 's' emblem to Lycra/spandex suit?
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    Finished The Amazing Spiderman 2 Suit Proto

    Great spidey costume,very good for first time!
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    Japanese Amazing Spider-man costume?

    I bought this piece of crap from ebay,there was no room in the croch area so you can't do any spidey poses,under the arms were tight as well,to much movement and it would start to tear,its only a great costume if you have the slim small build as a japenese. Don't waste you're cash mate there...
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    Hi people,getting a new man of steel suit soon,but not happy with the s shield not being raised,is any one selling shield prop for suit? And I'm looking for boots to go with it, has anyone found good mos cosplay boots or makes and sells them! Thanks! Kal!
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    Man Of Steel Replica

    The gauntlet's look great,I was wondering if you were making any more to sell as costume accessories. Thanks dave
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    Mos boots

    Is anyone making and selling mos boots to complete costume?
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    Man of steel 's' emblem costume prop

    Has anyone selling a man of steel chest emblem for a suit i'm customizing soon???
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    Carl9149's "MAN OF STEEL" COSTUME

    Hey carl,love the man of steel costume print i'm new on this site i was interested in purchasing a mos print file so i could print one for myself,could you let me know what your quote for a file is please when your ready.I'm also not sure what to do when i get the file would i just take it to a...