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    The DEFINITIVE Spider-Man: Homecoming suit research thread!

    I'm suspecting that the "practical costume" in these pics is just a placeholder/reference for a CGI suit that'll be overlaid in the final version. Let's be honest, here--the suit "as is" looks cheap and ill-fitting compared to what we saw onscreen in Civil War, and it seems unlikely they'd go...
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    My first Spidey costume

    You could always brush the spider with a thin coat of darker, somewhat watered-down acrylic paint. Not too much paint, though, or the surface won't be as smooth and some "wrinkling" would occur in areas that bend.
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    Searching for black Amazing Spiderman suit images

    Brandon Gilbert (known as "Grampsee" on this site) has made such a costume, and probably has a pattern available for sale.
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    Yet another spiderman recaster from the UK - Richard Hamilton, AKA - SUPERROBOTNINJA

    Re: Yet another spiderman recaster from the UK - Richard Hamilton, AKA - SUPERROBOTNI Another pic of Spider Nation's MCU lens:
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    post your spidey pics

    Prototype / "proof of concept" mask...and yep, I know the webbing on the neck isn't "done". :p
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    "Hey Everyone" MCU Spiderman costume research

    I guess I should be happy that they didn't stray too far from the comics (and it's definitely evocative of the 60s-70s Romita era), but after the TASM2 costume I had a hunch there was nowhere to go but down.
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    Most Expensive Star Wars Movie Props Ever Sold at Auction

    I've seen the Kenobi robe on display at the Cinerama theater here in Seattle (not my pics below, found them online). Paul Allen owns lot of SW memorabilia (as well as the Cinerama itself) so I'd assume he's the proud owner.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Post-release)

    Finally saw it tonight. Full disclosure: I'm old enough to have seen the original trilogy in the theaters and was the perfect age when I saw TESB (being ten years old). So my nostalgia for the OT is pretty much off the charts and I doubt any new film can ever recapture the magic for me...
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    RPF member Cha0tic

    If you check out his "Spider Army" FB page, in the last month it seems he's had both a severe flu-like bug AND getting pepper-sprayed/robbed. Last update/post was 11/17, which in part reads: "I have yet to sleep and have been awake for around 32 hours now. Justice has been served will make a...
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    Grampsee's Amazing Spider-Man 2 Build

    It's b-beautiful...(dabs a tear). I stumbled across a video of you and "Mary Jane" being interviewed during NYCC on YouTube and thought "DAMN, whose costume is THAT?" Eventually I figured out it was yours. Major props for what's easily my personal favorite Spidey suit so far!
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    TASM2 screenprinting?

    Fingers crossed! :thumbsup
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    TASM2 screenprinting?

    Yeah, I was watching that thread with interest. Was bummed when he had to drop the project, but what can you do...
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    TASM2 screenprinting?

    All very good advice (and info)! What got me itching was seeing Grampsee's TASM2 costume that he wore to the NYCC this year. Ever since I saw spiderm anneeyys's satin-esque costume, the idea of satin spandex has haunted me. But up until recently, I figured that was out of reach logistically...
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    TASM2 screenprinting?

    Pretty much, yep. But there's still the question of who could/would screenprint the web files onto colored lycra, and who'd be capable of sewing up the separated red and blue pieces into a cohesive whole (since I assume most veteran Spidey-sewers are used to working with the one-piece dye subs)...
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    TASM2 screenprinting?

    Thanks for the heads-up! :thumbsup