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    Announcement Site Upgrade - 04/18-04/21.

    Beyond here lies madness (aka crafting fandom) :cry April 18, 2013, the day the music died.
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    Prop-Making as fulltime job / Getting licences from Studios

    A Cease and Desist letter usually comes from the lawyer of the copyright holder telling you to stop what you are doing (such as replicating their intellectual property), and gives you the opportunity to stop infringing and go on your merry way. If you ignore the letter and continue in the...
  3. Shylaah

    Does anyone know how to make this effect?

    I'd use one of the myriad faux painting techniques used to get a marbling effect. I couldn't find very many web sites that explained it simply enough, they all seemed to want to get all uppity about it for home decorative stuff.....but this one was pretty good at not going too overboard...
  4. Shylaah

    COMPLETED- 2m tall LOTR Argonath polysculpt

    HA! and the shipping to Texas would be twice that! .........but worth it if one had the jingle!!
  5. Shylaah

    COMPLETED- 2m tall LOTR Argonath polysculpt

    WoW, you did a GREAT job on that!! FedEx will be there to pic it up on Monday.... ....My address is---- Seriously, some wonderful work there!
  6. Shylaah

    CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW (VashdStampede version)

    This is looking great. I've upload some reference pics of Jack's (I've heard referred to as syphilis) scar. As would be expected over the course of four movies and eight years the scar somewhat changes shape, size, location and ickiness factor from movie to movie. It even changes from scene to...
  7. Shylaah

    Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Shadow Box

    I love shadow boxes and you did a great job on this!! I am sure your mom has been enjoying it very much since Christmas. Just one little word or caution, if those are real hard candies you've put in there, you might want to consider making some fakes to replace them. I see you are in Baton...
  8. Shylaah

    Buying "Screen Used" Items Off eBay

    No, I didn't write and ask them anything. Just went by what they posted in their description of the piece. Another red flag when buying screen used--watch out for Double Double Speak Speak. "Approximately only 300 hundred....." Which was it, 300 or approximately 300?? "This is the screen...
  9. Shylaah

    Buying "Screen Used" Items Off eBay

    No where is "Buyer Beware" more to be adhered to than on eBay!! Especially in the realm of screen used anything. As per Hollywood Parts, I'm can't speak for their reputation as I have not dealt with them, but I am going to call them on the screen used POTC Aztec coin they currently have up for...
  10. Shylaah

    Making game of thrones cloak need colouring help

    Search for a mottled dyeing technique. maybe could find something under low water immersion dyeing techniques. Might find something suitable to buy. Do a search for mottled fabric see if anything in a close enough match comes up. As always, if you go for dyeing it yourself you should do...
  11. Shylaah

    If you could be on any movie set in history for one day --?

    LOTR ROTK Aragorn's coronation when the hobbits are about to bow him and he stops them and says, "My friends, you bow to no one," and bows down himself, and everyone bows to the hobbits.........Would love to see all those coronation costumes altogether in one place on the actors/characters...
  12. Shylaah

    ScreenUSed Auction is tomorrow, Saturday, March 9th

    I couldn't be home on the 9th, wanted to bid on the Beckett curtains............... Anyone know who got them, I'd like to buy a panel or two--there were 8 of them................
  13. Shylaah

    Bones s7 - Anyone identify this Peppermint tin?

    Did this prop ever get made? In case anyone else is looking for a tin of Myntz, they have them at Trader Joe's here in Texas, only place I've seen them thus far. The cost $1.69 and they are a rather strong little mint! .
  14. Shylaah

    The Definitive Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter) Costume Thread

    The pouch looks rather plain, if not military, then it might be something like a canvas camera pouch with belt loops like this one............ EDIT: Oooo......maybe a granade pouch!! ......about the right size!? Outdoor Specialties
  15. Shylaah

    The Definitive Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter) Costume Thread

    Thanks for posting all this info. Great costume to have on the back burner for one of those "I gotta have something NOW" moments...... I found a pair of really close boots......if only I could have found their shiny twins :( But they have the side buckle, the sixteen eyelets, low heel--can't...

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