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    Re-make of "Dune"

    Yes as a person that lives here in Quebec, Denis Villeneuve is well known over here. I am also a huge fan of DUNE 1984 movie which i was watching a lot over my younger years. I dont know why i love this movie, is it because of it's magical moments or because of the unknown, i really do not know...
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    Abe Sapien lifesize bust

    I really should invent a ABE SAPIEN like character for my Book. I made a story about a water world kind of planet, and should really add Abe Sapien's like models that i would create with Blender 3D and Focus on that project.
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    Been working on a hellboy 2019 mask.

    Wow very accurate... but have you thought about making a cut for moving your lips to talk with your mask, no?
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    Bartök the Bounty Hunter

    Nice idea man! Keep it up!
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    1:1 HARRISON FORD Sculpt

    Awesome to see how many details and how it is realistic CYBERMAN!
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    Chris Reeve with custom base by HD theater

    Wow fantastic work mister Judge....I wonder if you could make a original unique superman costume .....kind of the new movie with their wonderful armors.
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    Scarface Predator Mask

    Funky looks like Latex 100% to me ;)
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    Lucio from Overwatch - EVA Foam Build

    halrhyrr dude this is dope ! Really love your talent.... continue your nice work ! Awesome.... I love the finish on your EVA foam ... (y)
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    METROID PRIME: Phazon Suit (UPDATED 2018)

    rvb18 awesome !! really LOVE your last photo with the green light and you looking in profile epic. I would love to make a Samus Metroid costume but i dont know where to start honestly :D (y)
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    Predator - Yautja (Character name: Jir'Xar)

    Greetings Props makers from around the galaxy ^^ or elsewhere :D here is my latest build for my costume ....
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    Predator - Yautja (Character name: Jir'Xar)

    wickedoffroad thank you mister or Miss..... and i just began sculpting last year. Here is some update of Jir'Xar the Yautja ;) Hope you like it ?
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    Ender's Game Flash Gun - WIP

    Very nice mister .... looking forward to see assembled as well :D
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    Predator - Yautja (Character name: Jir'Xar)

    Greetings members of TheRPF! So here is the costume i am building at the moment, i know there is a website for predator costume but still not a lot of people go there for references... so if I can give the ideas to more people of making this suit...then be it!
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    Limited Run T-60 Power Armor Helmet Kits from Fallout 4

    Hey hello thorssoli I am really interested in a kit please....... ^^
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    Rick Deckard Trench Coat Collar

    Greetings officer K .......... well it is still a good start ...dont listen to those who tell you that this is a lost cause! WHen i look at this coat I thought you could put a lot of weathering on it with an airbrush.... or if you dont feel confortable with the "synthetic" fabric well then patch...