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  1. Shellhead

    WTB: QMX Artisan Viper MK II

    Fleet or Starbuck edition. If you're looking to part with it, hit me up!
  2. Shellhead

    Anyone know much about FanaticFX?

    I never purchased from them before (they have listings on Ebay and a store on Etsy) but I purchased a BVS Cowl from them as the price was great. I woke up the next morning to find my order was cancelled and they refunded my money and proceeded to relist the BVS cowl. When I asked why my order...
  3. Shellhead

    Proto Rocket firing Boba Fett stolen from Philip Wise´s collection

    This has just been devastating news for those who thought they knew Carl and called him a friend--moreso for Mr. Sansweet, Mr. Wise and countless other victims of his actions. I know Carl as a casual acquaintance but he always seemed a very nice fellow. We did cosplay groups at DragonCon and had...
  4. Shellhead

    Batman: Noel WIP (Pic Heavy)

    You've definitely nailed those details! consider my mind Blown!:thumbsup
  5. Shellhead

    Post your batman suits

    Here's mine courtesy of UD Replicas and Tiger Stone FX. Posing with the Fam as they, and countless others, got to meet The Batman during a local Fall Festival :)
  6. Shellhead

    Batman: Noel WIP (Pic Heavy)

    Man..this is gonna be sweet! Love what you've done so far and anxious to see how this turns out! Bravo!
  7. Shellhead

    Post/Show Me Your GREEN ARROW Costumes Here!

    Been away from costuming for a while (life and family happens =) but dove in again for this year's Dcon. Decided to do Arrow and, YES, Pinder is so correct that this was most helpful: Going to tweak the hood some but finished for the most...
  8. Shellhead

    DragonCon 2013

    Wow--so glad to hear you're coming back! It was such a great pleasure to meet and speak with you. I know when we took the below photos, you may have been 3 hours out of showing up as the Demon. Hate I missed you but I had to head back to get out of my suit--after 4 1/2 hours--I think I may have...
  9. Shellhead

    The NERVE of some folks!

    Well, looks like he took it down and apologized. Hate it even had to come to reporting him.
  10. Shellhead

    The NERVE of some folks!

    Yeah, did that too. The drop down options when doing the reproting aren't as cut and dry, though. I did that last night but haven't heard from Ebay yet. Good advice--adding a watermark to photos is something I just never thought of doing. Thanks, man. Jeez--I'll repeat my thread title...
  11. Shellhead

    The NERVE of some folks!

    Was going through Ebay to see what the latest and greatest costumes were being sold and Low-and-Behold, there's a pic of me in a Batman costume being used for an auction!!! The seller is auctioning a 'Rubies' Batman costume. Not only is he misrepresenting what he's selling but he's using a photo...
  12. Shellhead


    thanks to those who came out. done!
  13. Shellhead

    MY UD Replica Captain America (LOVE IT)

    Thanks, Mate! I honestly can't begin to fathom the work it took to bring the multi-pallet of colors together in leather (no less) and bring this one to life. Yeah, I think ambitious is an understatement. It took me a year to save up for a UD suit. I was initially aiming for the Daredevil gear...
  14. Shellhead

    MY UD Replica Captain America (LOVE IT)

    A no brainer for me..DKR suit. I've been a bat-fiend all my life and it's time to put my money where my mouth is! money into UD's more than capable hands!:lol
  15. Shellhead

    MY UD Replica Captain America (LOVE IT) do not do this item justice as I can well imagine UD's other offerings! Like I said, I MUST purchase another! I have a fever alright, and the cure is more UD suits! Can't agree more. I never understood the hallibaloo until mine came in..stunning!

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