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    My 5 ft Millennium Falcon Build/Reference thread

    wow that is amazing , i def want to buy those. for some reason i got my etsy account banned which is weird because i never used it : ( waiting on their support to answer me
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    My 5 ft Millennium Falcon Build/Reference thread

    the stls you have of the greeblies did you make yourself or are they up online somewhere?
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    MF DOOM mask help
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    MF DOOM mask help

    doom fan here lol, it looks like a face shield head band to me i will see if i can find a link
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    My 5 ft Millennium Falcon Build/Reference thread

    this is such a cool project, i salute your efforts sir! I was looking through all the kits needed and prices, i was wondering if you considered resin printing some of those instead? im learning fusion360 right now i may take a shot at modeling some of those aurora sealab parts to see how they...
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    Help Needed Identifying Retro Flashlight

    looks alot like a vintage winchester to me , here is one on ebay VINTAGE WINCHESTER FLASHLIGHT | eBay could have led update with different reflector maybe?
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    Tomenosuke Blade Runner Blaster OG Edition

    im brand new to prop making so i am not yet attempting exact replica but here are some pics of my project currently in work , everything is 3d printed in resin on my mono x resin printer, printed grips in clear resin then sprayed them with come gloss super clear to make em shiny. bought the...
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    Official Show off your model collection thread!

    well now i want to try an Enterprise build, that is some beautiful work , where is the light coming from in the 3rd pic that has the 1701 on the tail sections lit up, is it a spot light mounted to model out of the pictures frame?
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    Limited Run Blade Runner 2049 - K's Metal

    sorry, new here , and very amateur maker. brandomack , would it be possible to buy the stl files you have done already? or maybe you could upload them to one of the pay 3d print sites? i understand its not a complete item but i would still be willing to take a crack at building one. i just...
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    Unlimited Run Replacement Blade Runner Blaster metal barrels

    im building my own from scratch more or less, would love to have one of these barrels, can i still buy one or 2 ?
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    Unlimited Run Floating Jedi Training Remote BUILDER'S KIT

    i am also interested in buying a kit , i will keep checking back ty