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  1. Shade88

    Game of Thrones

    I have not been watching the TV series, but I listened to the audio books. I have been waiting for you guys to get the glorious news. :D
  2. Shade88

    I am MR free!

    Yes, I think you are right... Necro-posting at its finest. XD
  3. Shade88

    Harrmy's Star Wars Despecialized 2.5

    Finished downloading all 37 parts last night; I am an hour into the first film, and it is phenomenal. :D
  4. Shade88

    Wearing your lightsaber

    Yeah... When I originally finished my Graflex saber (No electronics, just hilt) I thought about wearing it around outside every now and then. I have since decided that is a little too nerdy for me, and it could ask for trouble (I live on a military base, lol). I will wear it on "Star Wars Day;"...
  5. Shade88

    General Doctor Whoniverse Discussion

    That was fantastic! Matt is supposed to regenerate in the Christmas special.
  6. Shade88

    Breaking Bad

    Yes. Agree 100%!
  7. Shade88

    Breaking Bad

    I can't tell whether or not it is the pink bear. It would be interesting...
  8. Shade88

    Breaking Bad

    I think it is the Walter White part that sees Jesse as a son, while it is the Heisenberg part of Walt that is being too stubborn to admit that Jesse is a liability. Granted, I do see Walter as have split personality disorder... But that's just my opinion.
  9. Shade88

    Congratulations, Lt. Dan!

    I was living at Ft. Leonard Wood a few years ago. The Lt. Dan Band was playing; however, I was unfortunately out of town. :(
  10. Shade88

    Congratulations, Lt. Dan!

    Gary Sinise is the kind of celebrity that I wish all celebrities would strive for. Congrats Mr. Sinise.
  11. Shade88

    Legend of Korra Returns Sept 13 !!

    Calendar marked!
  12. Shade88

    Videogames you initially didn't like, but did after another play through?

    For me it was DC Universe Online (PC). I played it for a total of three hours the first time around and wasn't addicted; however, I recently started to play it a few weeks ago. Now I have gotten my first level 30 character.
  13. Shade88

    Breaking Bad

    He might need it for himself... Or whoever is after him.
  14. Shade88

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Um... Depends on how many Borg cubes are in the fight. If just one, Cube is toast. If three or more; the Death Star is toast. (It can adapt after the two are destroyed.) But that is just my opinion. About the original topic: I want to see the movie, and I also thought MOS was pretty good.

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