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    Can I see your Man Of steel suits?

    My MOS suit isn’t quite as high-end. Believe it was made by CostumeBase (something like that); bought it about 4 years ago. No muscle suit with this one, just a 1-pc top suit. The chest symbol needs to be replaced, I just haven’t gotten around to it.
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    Limited Run Batman 1989 Keaton body armor/muscles with screen lineage

    Just stumbled on this thread, and SO glad I did. Will have to budget some funds though. Wish this had come along before I lost money on an overseas purchase for boot/glove parts. [emoji22] But at least now there’s hope for my Bat suit. [emoji1303]
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    Suggestions for adding sole to zentai suit

    Funny you mention MoS suit, because that’s actually what I’m working on. [emoji1303] I just mentioned Spidey because there are s lot more of them out there, so figured there’d be a lot of experience with it. Thanks for the suggestions! ATM ShackMan
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    Suggestions for adding sole to zentai suit

    I have a Man of Steel suit from a few years ago, with boots that are part of the one piece suit. Haven’t had much luck finding nice boots to wear over it. So alternatively, can anyone recommend a good sole to glue to the bottom of the suit’s “boots”. Figure it’s the same method most use on...
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    Fort Worth Galactic Swag Expo Sept 8 - 9

    Looking forward to this! It’ll be great to have a con west of Dallas/Irving for a change. [emoji1303] ATM ShackMan
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    Space Marine - Need help with seams and gaps

    Agree with gothic. Don’t use Bondo directly on foam. Flex seal is flexible, like the foam. Bondo is hard/firm, and will just break if flexed. If you apply a resin coating over the foam, losing flexibility, then you could use Bondo. ATM ShackMan
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    Fan Expo Dallas 2018 - April 6-8

    I was there Saturday. I didn’t dress up, but definitely geeked out. [emoji1303] Got a picture with an awesome Cayde 6 (Destiny), but don’t know who it was inside.
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    Warhammer 40k Black Templar

    Awesome work! Just starting a Space Marine myself. Hope it turns out at least 1/2 as nice!
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    Destiny hunter Rise Of Iron gear

    Awwwwwesome! Hopefully my skills will be comparable, some distant day. Since you’re familiar with LEDs, the only suggestion I’d make is to try and “animate” the fire. Easiest way I can think is to backlight the printed flames with red and yellow LEDs pulsing in a candlelight pattern (Arduino...
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    Destiny Warlock Helmet Questions

    As others said, make a cut-away section. Doesn’t even have to be 1/2 Mask. Attached are pictures of a 3D printed Hunter helmet I printed/assembled/painted (I didn’t design it, and can’t remember who to credit). Instead of using pegs to attach the back piece, I used small magnets. Holds...
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    castpixel's space marine build (Warhammer 40K)

    Can’t wait to see how this progresses!
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    Need help/advice making foam template for bulky costume

    Like StrikerKC said, get your sizing from ratios. Take the pictures and measure her leg (front/side) as well as the diameter of the boots. Then take measurements of your daughter's leg, and calculate the ratio between what you measured (daughter) and the image's leg. Then use that ratio to...
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    fiberglass advice and tips?

    Thanks for the tip! [emoji1303] I did it all in one step (1st experience, what can I say?). [emoji6] Light coat of resin, layer of glass mat, coated with a little more resin. Most of it came out fine...except the one side of the face that makes him look like he's squinting. It was just a...
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    fiberglass advice and tips?

    I've only done it once (fiberglass a pep), on a Space Marine helmet. Best advice I can give, other than watching a couple of tutorials, is to do one section at a time. Don't rush and try to do the whole part at once. So (like my helmet for example), I should've done the back, then later maybe...
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    Gears of War Theron Guard Cosplay SKS Props Updated 8/15/17

    Re: Gears of War Theron Guard Cosplay SKS Props Updated 7/26/17 Haven't played GoW in a long time, but D, definitely go with D! [emoji1303]