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    Question to guys who do charity work at hospitals?

    I started at the front desk letting know what I'd like to do. It took a bit but they got me to the right person. Once you are there, there is usually some documentation you'll have to sign to ensure you follow whatever the hospital's rules are and if they allow it. After that keep in contact...
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    Batman : Arkham Knight

    I enjoyed the game but do agree with some of the complaints. What I also liked was even though Origins wasn't exactly cannon with the Rocksteady games they still pulled and used elements and history from it. The tank took some time to get used to but once I did it was fun, though yeah some of...
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    Arkham Origins Batman suit build

    That is really clear and impressive thank you for posting it. I really like your mounting system with the jacket. For a different batsuit I've wanted a jacket with the zipper in the back but kept trying to make it out of an unforgiving material. I may try the Velcro method and see what...
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    Batman : Arkham Knight

    I'm enjoying the game so far, and it seems to be a lot longer then Arkham City (hopefully). Love the batmobile, but yeah driving took a bit of time to get used to, I'm still crashing the darned thing. The only thing feeling repetitive so far are the batmobile encounters, but I'm driving the...
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    can anyone help with Arkham Knight Scarecrow build?

    I made an Asylum glove with some pvc pipes, injectors, and hose and it worked out well. I regret not using cardboard though since it is a little on the heavy side, but that's what upgrades are for :).
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    Didn't do much work, but I've added the bolt to the trident I believe I saw your build, really liked it. Debating on the collar since I learned how to make something like warbla
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    Greetings, I've been working on my Aquaman for a while now and I figure I have done enough to warrant posting on here. I've had a lot of fun making scale armor in the past Captain America, Captain Deadpool, and Deathstroke, so I wanted to give the king of the seas a shot. I've worked with both...
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    Arkham Asylum Scarecrow

    Hey bud, mask looks great. If you built your next one like this one I'd suggest spilling some coffee on it, and lightly spray some brown paint in different areas to dirty it up. I believe I also used black spray paint inside the eye edges to darken it up it up. That way it looks dirtier and...
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    D.C.'s Gotham tv series

    Well even with the delays between episodes I thought the season finale was great. Can't wait to see what they have for the next season.
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    D.C.'s Gotham tv series

    I'm in agreement, I used break for simplicity, but yeah I want some more Gotham as well, and stopping for long periods between episodes may cost this show it's second season due to viewership.
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    D.C.'s Gotham tv series

    Yeah more and more series are going with these breaks in their schedule. Wasn't there a large break between 17 and 18 as well? Drives me nuts.
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    Classic Hulkbuster Pep files! ALL FILES AVAILABLE!

    Re: SmookCMb's Hulkbuster Pep files! ALL FILES AVAILABLE! I can start with your 3rd question, just use the back of all your left leg templates and you will have a right leg. They usually only show one leg/arm to save printing and cutting of a million pieces of paper. For your first question I...
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    Uncharted: Nate Drake Outfits (PIC HEAVY)

    Hey great work on finding all these items. Quick question, has anyone gotten the Anatolia gear? I prefer the look of the jackass (sigh pun not intended) but the Anatolia seems more in the budget. I can't tell from the ebay/google pictures if the straps get wider on the shoulders. If they do...
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    Scarecrow, Arkham asylum FINISHED! pg3

    For my current build I'm using ( it was fairly cheap and worked well. I removed the filter/paper on the inside and painted it all all. BTW love this build, it helped me a ton when working on my own :).
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    D.C.'s Gotham tv series

    I enjoyed the show yesterday with Gordan and Penguin being my favorite characters so far. The kid acting as Bruce did a good job, I just hope as the series progresses he keeps a minor role and isn't involved in every mystery. The Enigma cameo was fun, but I didn't think we needed the Ivy one...

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