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    Re: My 1st attempt at a Pep costume.....SPACEMARINE

    Re: My 1st attempt at a Pep costume. I love it. This is proper scale for a Space Marine. What chapter are you going to use? Lastly....a plasma verrrryy careful when firing. You would have better luck with a heavy bolter. Oh and are you making a pack too?
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    Speederbike Build

    Oh man...please let this be cool!!!
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    StarKiller Sith Edition Costume nearly done

    I for one can't wait to see this finished!!! Is there any chance you are going to cast pieces for sale?
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    The Empire Strikes at IHOP

    Did you see all those ppl wasting time and not eating their warm pancakes? That was the real problem at hand!!!! Oh and what did the hand say to the face? "SLAP"!
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    C6 Clonetrooper tutorial and build from head to toe!

    I can't wait to see this!!! Are you going to weather the armor?
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    Anyone in the LA area that has a Vader/Stormtrooper costume...Bday Party request

    Just donate to a charity via the 501st. I am in the CO Garrison and we do Bday parties all the long as you donate to a local charity. You better get on it quickly though. They need time to plan it. Good luck. If you were out here we would hook you up.
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    1:1 Predator Head: Paint Start to Finish

    I love to see work like this!!! How long have you worked with an airbrush and what type of airbrush do you use?
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    Plo Koon WIP

    Is this fantastic piece of art still for sale? Anybody?:)
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    AT-AT Driver armour

    Great set of armor!!! I was @ Cals yesterday talking to him about At-At set. Did you get the helmet from him? Yeah...funny thing is he even thought about finding a way to make this in light grey to sell. That would have been cool. You should keep it. Do you have all the other pieces to it? Moon...
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    Biker Scout Helmet, new build.

    When and if you decide to sell these...I am game!
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    Battle: Los Angeles Movie trailer

    Very Cool!!! Can't wait to see this movie!!!
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    My OSCS EPIII 501st Helmet

    Did you start with 300 or 250?
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    My OSCS EPIII 501st Helmet

    Great looking helmet. What size grit did you use throughout the sanding process? Did you seal the helmet after it was done?
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    My WIP prop room, Stargate items added..upgraded Unas

    Re: My WIP prop room (pic heavy!) I am truly at a loss for words.
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    Starkiller Costumes Thread

    I saw this costume at CV and it kicked serious butt. I am tempted to get a one but all that leather is so hot.