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    WIP Metal Cylon Sword

    The blade Is from a cheap wall hanger. And whatever the finish Is on It. It's getting dark spots of some type of corrosion. And I screwed up one pommel trying to put the trenches that run around the back part of the Pommel. Those would realy make the sword pop. I only have thirty minutes access...
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    WIP Metal Cylon Sword

    Toataly appreciated
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    WIP Metal Cylon Sword

    Thank you. Hope to do better next go around
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    WIP Metal Cylon Sword

    Had the sheeth. Was going to wrap It with metalic car wrap. It disappeared when I had a few. I consider this one a failure any way. Blade Is crap
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    WIP Metal Cylon Sword

    Best I could do for round one. Need a machinist
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    Where to get small metal half tubes?

    If you can move the plastic bars to the side of each other. Drill two holes In each end the size of a nail or piece of wire coat hanger. And Epoxy. That would be my fix. But on thinking It some more. You would probably have to be able to spread the bars away from each other a pinch as well. If...
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    Apex Legends Wraith Kunai Knife

    Looks Awesome! Is the blue an airbrushed effect or rub n buff?
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    The Orville PM-44 pistol build

    Lmao Ditto
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    Oblivion Inspired Office Build

    That Is turning out so wonderful. Again one fine piece of woodworking
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    Fifth Element: Korben Dallas blaster (mostly metal)

    Oh hell yeah! That's swweeeeeeet!
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    Logan's Run Deep Sleep Gun 3D Print

    Ace hardware semi-gloss black Is the closest I've found to the original paint that was discontinued
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    WIP Metal Cylon Sword

    Thank you Galactifan
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    Enterprise EM-33 pistol measurments

    This Is all I could find on an auction search Hero Starfleet EM-33 Plasma Pistol from Star Trek: Enterprise. (Paramount-TV, 2001-2005) Constructed of a machined aluminum main body with cast resin detail parts and accents. The EM-33 was a plasma-based hand weapon in use by Earth's Starfleet in...