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    Interest Rocketeer Rocket Pack and Harness screen accurate ***Deposits closed

    Refund. $300. Paypal'd 1/07/18 (over 4 years ago!) I wish I could retract my police report, but those gears are already moving. Out of my control now. You can't steal a car, then return it JUST BEFORE GETTING CAUGHT, and go "We're all good right?!" None of this aggression is directed at you...
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    Immortan Joe Mask Replica

    Me too. I've always wanted one, but never been thrilled with the files I've found online.
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    Men in Black - Noisy Cricket

    Nicksdad, do you have any of the speaker electronics like mentioned in the instructions? I'm confident I can get the led to light up with the trigger, but sounds would be killer. Thanks.
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    Master Replicas Metal Rocketeer Helmet

    That patina! *kissing fingers like a french chef* So tempting.
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    Limited Run The Ultimate District 9 Arc Generator

    Oh wow so it will be one solid piece?
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    All Aluminum Rocketeer Jetpack build

    This has to be the coolest, sexiest thing I've ever seen.
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    Interest Rocketeer Gloves & Button

    I hear ya dstone. This is rad! Even if I have to 3d print a pack myself.... I want these.
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    Limited Run The Ultimate District 9 Arc Generator

    Yes! This weapon is the reason I got into prop making. WANT! IN!
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    Interest The Goonies - The MAP, DOUBLOON, and the COPPER BONES!!!

    No wonder Chester Copperpot never made it, the necklace weighed him down to death. Great work man, I love my set.
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    Men in Black - Noisy Cricket

    Thank you Nicksdad. Payment sent Juno. Merry Christmas to me.
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    Men in Black - Noisy Cricket

    Could we get NicksDad to confirm if the parts present (except the one mentioned) are the full parts? I'm interested.... but the doubt on its totality has me on the fence. But i've always wanted this gun.
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    Interest Indiana Jones - False Grail - NEW Revised version

    Holy hell that is gorgeous! Great job.
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    Heavy Infantry Mandalorian Helmets and Heavy Repeating Blasters

    Wish I had the funds, following thread cuz I'm impressed.
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    Flux Capacitor build. Now finished!

    Valor, I believe those are already mounted on the guts-kit you sold me. Just finished soldering the lil black wires. Just need door and window labels/stickers and I think I'm done.