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    San Diego Comic-Con 2015 SDCC

    Wed-Sun too when not working, i'll be alternating: Impa Hyrule Warriors Sam Gears of War
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    EVA foam and plastidip

    How I've reduced plasti-dip rippling: switch to liquid vs aerosol. I'm starting the think it's the solvent in the aerosol, as the rippling returns if I dilute the liquid with solvent. I've been using heat instead to thin my liquid plasti-dip. Messier process, but currently worthwhile. Also, a...
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    San Diego Comic-Con 2015 SDCC

    Friends attending SDCC: don't forget off site (and no-badge) events!
  6. Gears of War

    Gears of War

  7. Half Life EVA build

    Half Life EVA build

    Comic Con 2013
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    Gears Of War Foam files

    Anyone active who has the pdos? Looking for Bernadette or Anya. Thanks!
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  13. Steam/Diesel punk

    Steam/Diesel punk

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    HEV Suit 5 (modified)- Half Life 2

    My First Build! HEV SUIT: Pep file mod, mocked up, built in floor mat. BODY SUIT: custom pattern, pulled wool fabric. Time: approx 1 month Price: $93 Cardstock mockup garage floor mat Enter the Freeman!
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