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    Pictures of Screen Used Paper Props! Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

    I believe that is Charm Choc not Chasm Choc. The S is an R. It is based on an old Oolong Tea Canister that is no longer made.
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    Dolores Umbridge Unicycle

    I don't think the Wizarding World sells these anymore. But if anyone has a Dolores Umbridge Unicycle toy that they want to get rid of, let me know.
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    What color is Harry Potter's Trunk?

    I've just purchased an old banded steamer trunk that I am reburbishing and converting to match the movie. I can't tell from screengrabs if Harry's trunk is a dark burgundy with gold strapping or brown with the normal wood strapping. Does anybody know?
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    Using Fusion 360 to create models for Foam Unfolds

    Has anyone here used Fusion 360 to create their 3d Models to bring into Pepakura Designer? If so, was the process the same for creating the unfold for foam. I am wanting to create a foam helmet from scratch but the normal patterning method ala Evil Ted will not work for the base shape.
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    Post your batman suits

    All black homemade Arkham Origins suit.
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    Thirteen Ghosts - Arcanum

    You mentioned you used a large format printer to print your pages. Did you use 11x17 heavy weight paper?
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    National Treasure Ocular Device and Masonic Brick

    I had the urge to make a set of the glasses and brick. Finished a set but am not happy with my lens placement. I will be making another pair soon. I’m starting the brick with a floral foam base. The lenses were colored with Krylon Stained Glass spray paint.
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    Want to Buy RG Studios Captain America Civil War Gloves Size Medium

    I am looking for some size medium Captain America Civil War Gloves from the run that RG Studios did.
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    Schubro Batman Arkham Origins Build

    I based mine off of pics uploaded by Reznor9. He built several versions he has posted here on RPF. As you can see by my first posts I created my templates from scratch on a body form I created for myself.
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    M.A.S.K. Matt Trakker costume and masks

    Any more progress on these masks. I know it's been awhile.
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    Want to Buy Captain America Back Harness Buckle

    I am looking for a Back Harness Buckle for my Captain America Civil War suit. Preferably metal if possible.
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    Schubro Batman Arkham Origins Build

    I see what you mean. I had to extend it a little so the Cowl collar would cover it properly. I'm working on shrinking it down a bit.
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    Schubro Batman Arkham Origins Build

    Changed out the chest.
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    Schubro Batman Arkham Origins Build

    Weathering the gauntlets.
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    Schubro Batman Arkham Origins Build

    Working on the thighs now. First seal done.