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    Best Christmas gift for you.

    Thanks. How are you doing now? It's almost the end of the year, I hope you can celebrate with your family again even just in face time on this important day! :)
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    Best Christmas gift for you.

    I'm glad to know that you've found a way to contact your parents this Christmas. Just don't forget to be safe this holiday. Happy New year!
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    Things you're tired of seeing in movies

    I really hate suspense/thriller movies where the victims just stand there waiting to be hack by the killer while the killer moves so slow you could have run a long time ago or fight back. LOL
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    Best Christmas gift for you.

    I really do not know the best thing to give oneself. My parental units are also vulnerable but luckily so far not in isolation. If you can get something to the people taking care of your parents and/or do something for those caring for your parents that would be very nice and appreciated. What...
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    Birds of Prey: Is it a good movie?

    Gonna update my opinion on this. Totally worth watching the movie. You will want to watch this anyway before you watch the next Suicide Squad movie.
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    Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline set to release this Fall.

    Also waiting for my copy to be delivered. I wished they made a good movie out of this one. The first movie was a great one for me. (y)
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    Birds of Prey: Is it a good movie?

    Haven't watched this yet as I haven't found this title all over the internet until reading this post LOL. I will update here on how good this movie is after watching it. Thanks!
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    I can't stop laughing at this film. :lol:
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    looking for a predator costume

    I'm not sure about the effects you mentioned if they have it, but there are lots of predator costumes on sale at amazon. Maybe you can just prop the effects after you buy one.
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    Rebel Sullest Trooper

    Thanks for this division 6 ! I made a pattern for the male version but not like this, so intricate. Tyvm!
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    Rebel Sullest Trooper

    Not sure how far along you are, but looking at an in-game shot, it looks as though you could use fencing (as in sword fighting) gloves died brown. That or long rough-leather gardening gloves. The helmet is definitely a repurposed Pathfinder helmet, just brown. That jacket's a right bugger...
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    The Ultimate Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi Real Vintage Parts Lightsaber Group

    God, how can you even make three of them? All we need is release the laser from those swords LOL
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    Accurate Darth Vader Helmet STL?

    Demn, my next costume this coming Halloween!
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    CZ-3 bust from Regal Robot

    Omg FuzzyWampa did you have it? :oops:

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