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  1. Scapey

    Mad Max Fury Road Razor Cola Steering Wheel (FINISHED)

    Looks fantastic! :D
  2. Scapey

    Royce, Cyberpunk 2077

    Saw this on Facebook when you first made it - Absolutely incredible work!
  3. Scapey

    My Star Trek : Picard comm badge.

    Currently waiting for my printer to finish up the first test run, I modelled this in Fusion 360 last week. Couldn't resist throwing up a little render with an appropriate backdrop! ;) It took me a few attempts to get it right - As per usual with such things, every time I thought I was done, I...
  4. Scapey

    Giving Away a Screen Used Matrix prop!

    Are you picking randomly, or picking best? Because if "best", I have no chance - Because I have no idea! It was waaay back when, when it was on some other server/forum host. I must have stumbled across it whilst looking for reference pics for either a pulse rifle or Fett lid...
  5. Scapey


    That's... BIG! LOL Can't wait to see how this progresses!
  6. Scapey

    Studio Scale Rocinante from the Expanse

    Been meaning to start one of these myself for a while now - What file did you use for your base ship, if you don't mid me asking?
  7. Scapey

    Gristle Gun from eXistenz

    Love it!
  8. Scapey

    2019 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Registration CLOSED

    Seems mine has been sitting in the hall unopened for a few weeks now, I didn't even notice it in with all the other mail! I'll fire a pic up when I have a chance; my Santa drew me an epic Claptrap from Borderlands. Thanks, Santa!
  9. Scapey

    Rusty Pulse Rifle

    Nice work!
  10. Scapey

    Tokyo Comic Con 2019

    Love those photos, the reflection is particularly cool. For future reference... That LAW looks like it could fit a good few soda cans inside ;)
  11. Scapey

    Camberwick Green and Trumpton

    You know what you have to do next, right? Gene Hunt, kicking in a nonce! :D ( )
  12. Scapey

    M-72 LAW Rocket Launcher for my Highness

    Love it!
  13. Scapey

    George changed the Greedo scene....again

    Not gonna lie, I clicked that totally expecting it to have Greedo commenting on a certain "suicide" that's been mentioned a little bit on social media of late...
  14. Scapey

    Marcus Vending Machine from Borderlands 3 - full scale

    Watching this one with interest! Love Borderlands :D Looks great so far.
  15. Scapey

    Seeking Ideas for Attaching a Jetpack

    Those are the words of someone who has never pinched the bit of skin between their thumb and forefinger between two hard-drive magnets ;)

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