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    Judge Dredd Rico's Gun

    I was just searching for reference photos when this post came up. That video is actually me back in high school lol. I was into making all kinds of weird things back then. Still am! At some point google bought youtube and you were forced to switch account info over or something. I was in Iraq...
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    3D Modelled Rico's Puzzle Gun Complete

    Any update on this project? I'm about to start modeling it myself.
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    Gravitational Beam Emitter (BLAME!)

    Hello, again! My latest render is from the manga BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei, also known for NOISE, Biomega, and a few other awesome works. His art style is incredible, and most of the comics have little dialog, replaced with stunning character and enviroment renders. I highly recommend his work...
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    Folding Progressive Knife (Neon Genesis: Evangelion)

    Hello! I'm back, again, with a new 3d model for printing. This time I modeled the progressive knife of Unit 01 from the new Evangelion movies they are making, based off of the anime series from the 90's. They have updated a lot in the new movies, including the weapons the robots use. Old vs...
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    Naked Snake's Survival Knife (Metal Gear Solid 3)

    Modeled this one for an Army buddy who loves the MGS series. It's basically just a modified Kabar knife. I added a regular leather handle to it instead of the wrapped handle from the game. I plan on getting it CNC'd out of 1095 Carbon Steel, then finish it up as a functional...
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    Orichalcum Combat Knife from Spriggan (1998)

    I liked it way better than Akira. Some might crucify me for that comment, though. [emoji23]
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    Orichalcum Combat Knife from Spriggan (1998)

    I 3D modeled the combat knife that the character Yu uses in the anime movie Spriggan. It was always a cool knife, in my opinion, so I gave it a go. I had to piece together a 2D profile: Then I went to work! I will be 3D printing it when I get my printer in. I also plan on modeling...
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    Seburo GONG (Appleseed)

    Did a color render on the Gong to show the palette I'm gonna go with once it's printed and assembled.
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    Netflix - Dark props

    You could probably just screenshot the scenes where the photos are on the bunker wall.
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    Vash's Hidden Robotic Gun Arm (Trigun)

    Hello, again! I'm back with a new 3d model for 3d printing. It's Vash's first robotic gun arm from the anime Trigun. I will be 3d printing it and displaying it as a torn/ripped-from-the-joint prostetic, with wires and stuff hanging out the back and beat up/worn down. His robotic arm is never...
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    Trigun: Functional Vash Revolver WIP

    Interest bump. I plan on working on my own in Rhino, probably starting with the Badlands Rumble or Manga version. Sad that this thread hasn't had an update in so long, but I am well aware of how life can get in the way.
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    Seburo GONG (Appleseed)

    Yeah, I couldn't model the scales properly. I just made general cutouts in the scales where the angles will be, based on concept art, screenshots, and the recast I have. That will be an easy fix done by hand once it's printed. Thanks for the feedback!
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    Seburo GONG (Appleseed)

    Hey, everyone. I've recently taken up 3D Modeling as a serious hobby, and I've been able to revisit this old project. Originally I was going to do an airsoft version out of metal and wood, but I was way to ambitious at the time (7+ years ago). Now, I just want a static prop that I can 3D print...
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    Game of Thrones "The Painted Table" replica UPDATED 7/25/2018

    Reworked the font a bit and added the 'handles' to them. Currently working on the alignment piece that will hold the letters. EDIT: Finished the letter jig. A rubberband around the jig will hold the letters in place.
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    Game of Thrones "The Painted Table" replica UPDATED 7/25/2018

    Re: Game of Thrones "The Painted Table" replica UPDATED 7/23/2018 After 2 years, I still haven't found the font used on the screen-used table. I have elected to use a similar, but different font. The largest letters will only be 1cm wide, so it'll hardly be noticed. I will be printing a stamp...