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    Hot Toys Classic Predator from predators movie.

    Those are "holographic" displays for the gaunlet. Remember in the movie when the Pred pulled up a holo image of Earth for Royce...that's what those are.
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    PREDATOR/PREDATOR 2 Action Figures from NECA

    In-hand pics of Series 3 are starting to show up...
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    New PREDATOR Legacy Statues from Sideshow

    Lot's of "works-in-progress" stuff and concept art for an upcoming line of Predator/Predator2/AVP statues...
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    New 1:6 SAMURAI PREDATOR from Hot Toys/Takeya

    Seems this is starting out as a special diorama for the con, the 1:6 figure will be shown later. "This 1/6th scale Samurai Predator diorama project is proudly designed and painted by Mr Takayuki Takeya (竹谷隆之) and specially sculpted by Mr. Yuji Oniki (鬼木祐二), which will be firstly unveiled in the...