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    Zvezda Avenger-Class ISD-II - WIP

    Thank you, folks. I appreciate this!
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    Zvezda Avenger-Class ISD-II - WIP

    I am about to start my Revell Star Destroyer and had a thought about drilling holes for the fiber optics...would it be feasible to make a "template" with perforated sheet metal in order to get the "windows" to line up? I mean, if you could find a piece with the correct diameter holes, and cut a...
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    Tie Fighter and Saber FX from a '50's sci-fi flick?

    I didn't know where to post this, but I was hoping someone here could shed some light on this. While watching an episode of MST3K, the movie the bot's were riffing on was 1961's "The Phantom Planet". While watching this cheesy movie, I heard something VERY familiar...when the aliens initiated...
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    Star Wars Archives: 1977-1983 Does anyone know ANYTHING about this book? It is a "pre-order" item. I haven't been able to find any info on it.
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    Gallery of 50 Rare Star Wars Polaroids from ROTJ Set

    Does this say at the bottom...Revenge of the Jedi? What year did Lucas decide the Jedi didn't participate in Revenge?
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    Limited Run Hasbro Millennium Falcon Resin Kit

    Any news on another run of the parts?
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    Limited Run Hasbro Millennium Falcon Resin Kit

    I have never orderd from this site before, but FZ6, i HAVE seen these beautiul parts. My hasbro Falcon is 1st up on new bench. Put me down for a Level 2, please.
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    UV Paint/Bulbs for engine glow?

    I am gathering my supplies to start a Zvezda Star Destroyer. I have seen some AMAZING skills displayed here, and the models are beautiful! I have a question for anyone that has either "toyed with the idea" or successfully executed using UV paint to simulate engine glow. In reference to the...
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    1/2700 Star Destoyer on the kitchen table

    I appreciate that! I was actually thinking of asking the same question in it's own thread. Didn't know if that would conflict with the RPF rules/policies....just really curious to learn if someone has tried this, and if it was a success or not. If so, I will start experimenting with various...
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    1/2700 Star Destoyer on the kitchen table

    First of all, I want to say that following along with your progress on this build has been amazing! Just incredible work. It has also inspired me to start a Zvezda SD as my "first" project, once my work bench/space is completed. I am absolutely fascinated by the level of ingenuity displayed (by...
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    Star Destroyer by Zvezda: in my workbench

    Joe, was looking at your engine exhausts....THE ENTIRE SHIP LOOKS AWESOME, BTW!!!...But, have you (or anyone else) tried painting the INSIDE of the exhaust with "reflective" paint? Maybe a Krylon clear reflective paint, maybe? I was just thinking of the lightsaber-reflective tape idea, and if it...
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    Finished 3 DH-17 types ANH, ESB and ROTJ

    Have you tried a clear plastic cap from a bottle of "pump" hairspray?
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    Negan's Bat Lucille (First Prop Replica Attempt)

    That looks great!! Matter of fact, yours looks nearly perfect. Just checked out 2 of the "stunt" bats! The barbed wire looked so real, I couldn't keep from being "gentle" with 'em! I kept thinking I was gonna get gashed!! And your display is awesome!! I am envious!
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    My Daryl Dixon Alexandria Jacket

    I will have to say, you CAN see the individual thread detail on the screen used prop. The leather arms on the screen used look like they were dragged across a diesel mechanic's shop floor! They spend ALOT of "finicky" time on his gear.
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    Blade Runner Blaster (?) in new death note movie

    Love the finish on this prop. I want one!