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  1. Ron

    Star Trek: Picard

    Between this thread and RLM, I've never had this much enjoyment following a series I haven't watched one episode of haha. Thanks, guys (y) .
  2. Ron

    The Batman

    I love the car as a car. As a Batmobile? Yeah I still dig it. Reminds me of the Neal Adams era type Batmobiles from the comics with a little Mad Max thrown in. Is it my ideal style Batmobile? No, that would still be the Anton Furst Batmobile. Same with the Keaton suit being my ideal suit. But I...
  3. Ron

    Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon—Is it Full Size?

    You know there's going to be at least one family like the Griswolds that didn't get the memo and still shows up.
  4. Ron

    Best casting decisions ever made in movies

    Ah touché. I guess we'll have to file it under greatest "self" casting:). Though technically the decision to give himself the role is still a decision:lol:.
  5. Ron

    Best casting decisions ever made in movies

    I read through the whole thread and I can't believe no one mentioned Sylvester Stallone as Rocky! Say what you will about his acting ability but that was arguably the greatest casting ever. I couldn't think of anyone else to even come close to playing that role as well as he did if my life...
  6. Ron

    Repro movie posters, and poster sgenerally- best place to get them?

    I have yet to buy from them so I'm not sure of the quality but has an amazing selection. Multiple poster variants from just about every movie.
  7. Ron

    Want to Buy My Toilet Paper For Your Props...

    We talkin' two-ply here?
  8. Ron

    Interest Indiana Jones - "FERTILITY IDOL" (Made from Casting from Original Mold)

    Thanks, pepperbone this literally made me laugh out loud haha. RelicMaker I can't hold out anymore. These things are gorgeous. Can you add me to the waiting list for an aged Hero with glass eyes please?
  9. Ron

    BRRogers / Verity Cosplay / 7 Chambers - "MoM of All Heroes"

    I'd go for accurate as well but either way I'll be very happy :) .
  10. Ron

    Willow Sequel Series

    Wow! Hope things get better soon!
  11. Ron

    Lets talk all things Star Wars

    "Arthurian Legends" Oh you mean a roundtable faction of warriors that live by a moral code sorta like the Jedi KNIGHTS?! Or a nobody who receives a legendary weapon and becomes a hero like I don't know, LUKE SKYWALKER?! How about a Merlin type mentor like say Obi-Wan or Yoda?! You don't have...
  12. Ron

    Lets talk all things Star Wars

    The other day I was thinking to myself you know what Star Wars needs?...more group think. That white board looks more like a brainsprinkle than a brainstorm. God help this franchise.
  13. Ron

    Indiana Jones 5 officially announced

    And of course Belloq's granddaughter will be a greater archaeologist than both Indy and Henry Sr. despite never studying the discipline whatsoever. In fact she'll end up teaching Indy a thing or two about avoiding booby traps and translating dead languages. Oh, and she's a natural with a whip.
  14. Ron

    Indiana Jones 5 officially announced

    I've really liked James Mangold's movies. Ford vs Ferrari was fantastic. Here's the thing though. So much of what made the Indiana Jones trilogy so great is because of Spielberg. He's as significant to those movies as Harrison Ford and John Williams are. Without him, it would be missing a...

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