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    My Casey Jones fiberglass mask

    Hey everyone. This is my second try at working with fiberglass/cosplaying. The first mask was inaccurate,so remade it smaller and with eyebrow arches.I based this cosplay of Casey Jones from the 2003 Ninja Turtle cartoon. Penny for your thoughts?
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    Casey Jones Cosplay Resin Mask Progress

    Hey thanks! I have a comic con tomorrow. I am going at Casey from the 2003 tmnt cartoon. Opinions?
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    Casey Jones Cosplay Resin Mask Progress

    This is a new mask I just made. I modified it to have the eyebrow arches.
  4. Casey Jones Cosplay

    Casey Jones Cosplay

    I made a Casey Jones mask from a pepakura file. Then I hardened the mask with fiberglass resin and Bondo
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    TMNT Casey Jones mask/costume

    Hello, amazing mask, is the pdo file still available?
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    TMNT 2 (2016) Casey Jones Mask

    amazing. i wish they made a pepakura file for this mask
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    Help finding Pepakura file "Casey Jones"

    Hey, I have been looking for weeks but I only ever find one mask. I will show you the one I downloaded from pepakura, if you like it I will send you the file. If you have a different one please let me know so that I could download it
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    Casey Jones Cosplay Resin Mask Progress

    Hello. This is my first ever post on this website, though I have been reading it for a while to get ideas for cosplaying. I am currently working on a Casey Jones mask that I got from a pepakura file. Unfortunately, I only found one model, I was looking the more aggressive looking one with the...