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    Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) - God Phoenix

    Awesome work! brings back fond childhood memories:) You think the Phoenix is wonky, try making Speed Racer's Mach 5. That thing changes from every angle! Robert:)
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    1/12 Bandai Boba Fett - New Intro! (Almost Finished)

    That's and old technique. I used to use it to simulate tarps on armored vehicles. An oldie but a goodie! Robert
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    Bandai release schedule

    That 3D print looks like it has a bit too thick of a paint job. I am STOKED to see the first test shot to see those super fine details pop! The panel lines should be quite a bit finer when molded also. This kit begs to be painted with an airbrush. Robert:)
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    (Sort of) Ultimate Hasbro FrankenTIE?

    I'm working on the same project as you and I am beginning to think that Vintage wings are too BIG after attaching them to the Solo tie cockpit....too tall. Maybe someone with a studio scale tie could measure the height and width of their wings? The vintage wings are 15 and 1/4 high x 12 and 1/2...
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    Bandai release schedule

    That's why I'm waiting for the hopefully soon to come sprue shots.....then we can know for sure:)
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    Bandai release schedule

    Can't wait-can't wait-can't wait! I think this SD will be the PERFECT size for handling and "playing" with. Kind of awkward with the Zvezda and PG Falcon. Robert:)
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    Bandai release schedule

    What bothered me with the Zvezda even MORE than the narrow side trenches was the too wide bridge. Looks like Bandai corrected BOTH of those flaws. I can't wait to pick one up. Oh, and looks like I won't have to cut out the garbage chute either! Robert:)
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    Movies that Suck Except for a Couple of Great Scenes

    Steve McQueen's Bullitt. Pretty boring(to me) except the EPIC chase scene. Robert
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    Products that were not intended to be used in model making but work anyway

    Talcum Powder. Great for simulating mud on ground vehicles when mixed with the appropriate color. Robert :)
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    Official Show off your model collection thread!

    Words can not describe how cool that pic is. Robert:)
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    Favorite Star Wars Prop?

    ANH E-11, M-19 scope, No counter :) Robert
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    Moebius Space Pod Kit Announced

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    Ralph McQuarrie X wing 1/24 WIP

    Stop! You're killing me! I miss the 70's SO much lol Robert:)
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    Just Got my PG Falcon!

    I plan on building mine in flight mode and making my own stand and mount. As for the fans, not that I know of, but it's a cool idea! Robert:)