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    The Batman

    So you're saying that if you're a struggling or new actor trying to get established that you would turn down a role in a major motion picture just because? Wow, I guess it's a good thing that you're not an actor because you'd starve with that kind of attitude. That's why I freely admit that I...
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    The Orville Alarm Clock

    Looks like they used an old Creative MP3 player and added an overlay to the screen. Nice job at replicating it.
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    Full Scale Replica White Dragon Noodle Bar - Blade Runner

    That is totally awesome. You should try bringing it down to Wondercon in Anaheim sometime, they allow food trucks so they may allow your bar, although I think that they might not allow alcohol though.
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    The Batman

    Not sure about that casting, he seems much too pretty to be Batman. But then again, they've cast Val Kilmer in the past and Michael Keaton seemed like an odd choice at first. So, who knows, it might work, but I have my doubts.
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    New Star Trek series with Picard!

    The same goes for the Marine Corps, we haven't changed our service dress and dress blues in at least 30 years.
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    New Star Trek series with Picard!

    Aside from the late season main Starfleet uniform, none of the Starfleet uniform designs on the show were particularly good. I always thought that their dress uniforms were horrible and very obviously made on a budget, it wasn't until Nemesis(?) with the introduction of the dress whites did they...
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    New Star Trek series with Picard!

    You mean the US Navy, they have tons of uniforms and, last time I checked, still divided into summer and winter variants. For other branches, particularly the USMC, it's not that bad, we have 2 sets of fatigues (woodland and desert), a PT uniform, service dress uniforms which has 3 variations...
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    Corman Doctor Doom Pistol

    It looks like it's based on a real pistol, but I have no idea what model. Judging by the size of the barrel and the amount of receiver in the rear, I'd like at single shot, rifle caliber pistols.
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    Disney wants more 'Star Wars' in its theme parks

    Speaking of which, here are some pics from inside the land courtesy of D23. FIRST LOOK: Stunning Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Photos Reveal Intergalactic New Details - D23 Also, word is that on opening day in Anaheim the parking garages will be open at midnight in case you have an 8AM reservation...
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    Lets talk all things Star Wars

    The Navy doesn't do this but I believe that the Air Force did with their F-4s but I don't think that they do with their F-15Es now a days. As for attack helos, apparently both the pilot and gunner are trained pilots and the gunner can, if needed, fly the helo. For present day Navy, I believe...
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    "The Orville". A Seth McFarlane Space Adventure on Fox

    Same here, esp. given that Fox is now part of Disney they could have potentially moved it to streaming exclusively on Disney +. I doubt that it would have happened as it would have been something of an odd fit but it its theoretically possible.
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    Clutch Pin/Insignia Construction?

    I'd just Dremel it off and then sand the back. Alternately, you could, as was suggested above, just snap it off, if I'm not mistaken they're just glued or lightly welded on, I don't think that they're an integral part of the pin.
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    Star Trek: Questions you always wanted answers to

    Maybe for those missions where you wanted to be a bit more discreet so you carried the "crickets" instead of a full phaser. And for ease of logistics/storage they made it so they formed part of the larger full sized phasers. That or for situations where they want to be tricky/sneaky, they can...
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    1:2 Scale Jurassic Park T-rex Bust 3d print 3.9.19 Update....

    Yeah, I think that it could be a tad wider although the casting is still a bit narrow for a T. rex, but matching the casting would be good enough. For reference, this is how wide a T. rex's skull is and how forward facing their eyes were.
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    1:2 Scale Jurassic Park T-rex Bust 3d print 3.9.19 Update....

    Very nice job and quite impressive. However, I can't help but to wonder if perhaps the skull is a bit too narrow in the back where the eyes are. I say this because in real life, the T. rex's skull was quite wide at the eyes and, as a result, it had very forward facing eyes. As it is now, its eye...