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    Firefly River/Jayne/Mal/Kaylee

    I just started watching it this month and I love it. Great job.
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    Need some help from my fellow Finheads (Rocketeer poster variant?)

    I've never seen that one. That "new" version definetly has an odd look to it because of his image.
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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2- Its coming!

    When we were at WDW in OCT my kids got b-day cards that had Roger Rabbit on them. Suprised the heck out of me, along with seeing some RR pins there. I was told though by a CM that they were going to be getting rid of the RR stuff though do to some licensing issue. Not sure if true though.
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    X-Men: Days of Future Past

    For those that mention X-Men ripping off Terminator, X-Men 141 where this started, came out in 1981, a few years before T1. I always loved DOFP, though over time so many possible variations came out, it got a little hard to keep track of.
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    The Walking Dead Season 3

    Ok, I guess I misunderstood the "why" of it. I thought she chose that to make sure the baby would live, not that she had no real choice there.
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    The Walking Dead Season 3

    I never liked Lori that much in the comics and the TV version seemed even more unlikeable. She earned Worst Mom Ever Award from me last night when she made that decision. She basically chose the baby (who she didnt seem to be sure would live) over Carl. She knew she was going to die with this...
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    UPATE, JUST MISSED OUT ON ONE: Toy Box Inc. 1970's Glow in the dark space sword

    Re: Toy Box Inc. 1970's Glow in the dark space sword I went to a Catholic grade school and for some event at the church we had to pick a Saint or someone to dress as. I brought the sword and shield and went as the Archangel Michael (since thats my name)
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    New Project - My Son's Desert Skiff Bed

    Wow, your kids are incredibly lucky! I have absolutly no skill in building unless you need a Hallloween cemetery fence lol Awesome job with both these projects.
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    Haunted Mansion Stretching Portrait Replication *Update 9/16

    That is awesome. I've been on a HM kick recently since we just got back from WDW. It's probably my favorite attraction. I'd be interested if these were being offered.
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    Vintage ESB set visit

    Interesting mind you have there. No, I didn't get that at all. It would've been awesome to be that kid then.
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    Bridge to Terabithia, what did I just see?

    We watch a lot of "kids" films since I have 5yr old twins. I was thinking it was going to be a happy movie and then whammo. Not letting them see this for a while.
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    Fright Night.....

    Just saw it recently, it was it that or DOnt Be Afraid of The Dark. I'm a big fan of the original and didn't expect too much. I enjoyed it. My wife and I both thought of Russel Brand (who I love) as soon as Ten (who I also love) appear. I'll probably watch it again on DVD.
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    UPDATE* BOUGHT IT -So I've been offered an old movie theatre built in the late 30s

    Re: So I've been offered an old movie theatre built in the late 30s Jet, hope everything works out. It sounds like it would be awesome. Now I've just got to win the lottery so i can buy my own haunted movie theatre.
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    General Doctor Whoniverse Discussion

    It comes back on Aug 27th, right on my birthday!!!!
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    Comic Con Chicago 2011

    I've been going since around 1990 with Jodokast3 long before it was a Wizard con. It's had it's ups and downs, but I enjoy it every year. Mind you I have never been to Dragon or SDCC so I can't compare. But I never miss it.