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    Interest CRONOS - "Vampire Device"!!! (24k Gold-Plated Metal)

    UPDATE: The magnets work well, and keep the legs in place when you hold the bug in the air. Before, the legs would just hang and not stay in place when you picked it up, which kind of sucked... So, definitely an improvement! I'm also about 95% finished with the new drawings. Just need to make...
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    Best Cap shield replicas?

    Here's a link to my 'Prop & Artifact' Facebook page showing my Captain America Shield:
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    Best Cap shield replicas?

    Here's the million-dollar question though.... What version Shield are you guys most interested in? I favor the 'First Avenger' shield...
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    Best Cap shield replicas?

    Sooooooo, I hear some people want me to do another run of the Shield.... :cool:(y) The Good News: I don't mind doing another run, but it will be small! I still have the Tooling Die for the Shield! The Shield will have the Star CNC'd into the Shield. I may sell raw parts for anyone wanting to...
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    Interest CRONOS - "Vampire Device"!!! (24k Gold-Plated Metal)

    Very soon! I promise! Just got busy with other life projects, such as home repair... :((n)
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    Interest Indiana Jones - "FERTILITY IDOL" (Made from Casting from Original Mold)

    Yes, just need to set aside some time to get it back into production.
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    Limited Run Indiana Jones "PROP" Challenge Coins! Individual or 3 coin set!

    No, I won't be doing them for the rest of the movies. Not enough interest.
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    The Dark Crystal - "THE CRYSTAL SHARD" (Purple or Clear), Replica Prop, CRYSTAL GLASS!!!

    I'll mark your name down and let you know when I have it available! Thanks!
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    Interest KRULL - "The GLAIVE"!!! Metal-casting, Chrome-Plated with Gold-Leaf accents!!!

    "KRULL" ~ The GLAIVE ~ This is a new run of the "GLAIVE" from the 80's Cult-Classic film "KRULL"!!! I partnered up with my friend Bruce, who is amazing at 3D modelling, to help bring to life the most accurate representation of the "Glaive" to date! Measurements and details were meticulously...
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    Interest RelicMaker's "CROSS of CORONADO" - 24K Gold-Plated Metal!!! NEW RUN!!!

    UPDATE: Here's the new Cross in 24k Gold-Plating!!! Just have to add all the pretty stuff to it and it will be finished. I'll show the finished version soon!!! The big run is being made now, so those on the list, stay tuned!!! If anyone wants to get in on the run, post here!
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    Interest CRONOS - "Vampire Device"!!! (24k Gold-Plated Metal)

    UPDATE: The parts are being Gold-Plated!!! Also, working to try a new way to add magnets to keep the legs held in while closed.
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    Interest CRONOS - "Vampire Device"!!! (24k Gold-Plated Metal)

    The pewter will bend if you intentionally try to bend it. It is very sturdy as it is, and given even more strength after it is gold-plated. So, I wouldn't worry about it breaking or bending, unless you try to bend it or accidentally drop it. I will also offer replacement parts if anyone ever...
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    Interest CRONOS - "Vampire Device"!!! (24k Gold-Plated Metal)

    Yeah, I thought about a couple of places to put them, but on this particular piece, there's no good way to hide even the really tiny magnets. Especially, since the whole piece will be gold-plated. Even painting it with really good gold paint, it stands out from the rest of the piece. Plus, the...
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    Interest CRONOS - "Vampire Device"!!! (24k Gold-Plated Metal)

    The legs are movable and not tight, but are able to be posed. The legs are also very loose when retracted, since there is nothing that holds them in a fixed position, due to the skinny legs and the holes they retract from. If the legs were tight going through the holes, it would eventually start...