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  1. Redman99


    You have convinced me to get a resin printer. Awesome looking work!
  2. Redman99

    show your Doctor Who Costumes

    Just finished this guy. apologies for sideways. No idea why (all ok everywhere else...)
  3. Redman99

    Millennium Falcon Bed

    front page on reddit, nice :)
  4. Redman99

    Robocop 1987 build "Your move creep!"

    Just FYI, I use a dremel and off cuts of filament, to plastic weld my pieces for an extremely strong bond. plus i can fill in small gaps, etc with it.
  5. Redman99

    Millennium Falcon Bunk Bed Build - TFA Details 5/8 Scale

    I found some smooth stuff in a camping store. Cheers Chris
  6. Redman99

    Want to Buy Moflash lens for NS Dalek

    Hi, Wanting to buy 2 Moflash lenses for a 2005 NSD Delek. Any help?
  7. Redman99

    My Iron Man Mark III Build.‏

    awesome. take your time :)
  8. Redman99

    MF's Pepakura and 3D Print Iron Man Files

    Bed adhesion problems?
  9. Redman99

    Iron Man MK XLV 3D Print

    Hi, Just don't spray clear coat on the gold. it goes "milky". I'me gonna respray mine at some point because of this....
  10. Redman99

    Need help fixing Iron Man helmet fiberglass build

    yup.. Bondo, sand, bondo, sand, bondo sand.....
  11. Redman99

    Show me your Iron man gloves.

    I did pep, but use magnets between top hand and bottom. When i flex too much the magnets break and give me movement, and then click back together when i flatten out. I say that, but trying to grab stuff. haha. not easy.
  12. Redman99

    LOTS of questions regarding Pepakura Iron Man helmet process.

    Hi sodapop. I think you'll find it easier to align the pieces if you separate them with a dremel after all the glass & resin & main bondo is done. this way the lines/edges all match up. I would also put a bit of "extra glass between the eyes and ears so when they are separated, there is little...
  13. Redman99

    Mark 46 build 3D print

    I would really spend more time on bondo and sanding, to get that guy "production smooth"
  14. Redman99

    Killerbody Iron Man Mk7 costume with working electronics

    aww. the guy was so passionate in that video. and was that one of the designers from the movie judging? that's awesome.

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