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    Aliens (directors cut) or Predator 2

    Aliens all the way. "Game over, over" I like P2 but Aliens is just one of my all time favorite movies. The imagery in aliens was far superior. Nothing creeped me out more as a kid than the aliens just waiting, hidden within the walls of the hive and then popping out or the alien...
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    Darth Pred takes on OsFest

    ok i know this is a ressurected post but that is really cool.
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    What is your Pred Workout/Diet, if you have one?

    Uratz get this and use it a few minutes everyday, it WILL burn if you over use it at first, and I mean burn for days burn.. thing is cheap doesnt take alot of time and works the heck outa your mid section.
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    nice paint work cant wait to see more.
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    Anyone seen this lmao

    haha instant classics, thanks for sharing
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    any help for a new guy?

    how ever if you want REAL lasers you can get some cheap ones on ebay and i believe some members here sell them with a little mount so the three are alighned right, most small lasers will only show the dots not the beam and gotta be careful with them because he lasers can cause retinal damage...
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    Wrist blade mechanism using an old CD-ROM mechanism

    wow thats really cool man, great idea and final product.
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    Avp Screenshots *174 Large Pics* Pics Back (Kinda)

    Thanks guys, @predatorhunter34 I used AVS Media Player to take the screenshots. I usually use Cyberlink PowerDvD but it didn't recognize the video format so this was the first time trying out the avs and I think it worked out quite well.
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    Avp Screenshots *174 Large Pics* Pics Back (Kinda)

    Hey your welcome guys. Believe me AVP predators are my least favorite. The super hero, barrel chest, extra teeth, goofy mandible look doesn't quite do it for me :D I noticed a couple things while watching this. Number one, the DP of this film loved shooting the preds from the chest up at a full...
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    Avp Screenshots *174 Large Pics* Pics Back (Kinda)

    Hi all, I'm kinda new here and thought I'd do something usefull for the community while I wait to start putting together a suit. I noticed the very in depth screenshots threads by PredatrHuntr and that he didn't want to do AVP. So I spent a few hours today watching the movie in slow motion and...
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    Flesh Hunter Aka Death Stalker, New Build Starts Page 14

    That's Awesome, I been wondering what i should do with the bio when i take it off (once i build my suit that is) and I might have to bogart this idea and add something to one of the shoulders to attach the bio as a pauldron while not wearing it. You Rock!! and also loving the animalistic fur...
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    your avp 3 screen name?

    Anyone else? Would be cool to see some more pc players :)
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    predator shoulder cannon MKII

    Wow that things a MONSTER hehe looks cool man, i was thinking of doing something along these lines. Kudos
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    your avp 3 screen name?

    shroom22 on pc, go ahead and add me if you want would love to play with some lair members. in fact think im gonna play a couple matches right now
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    How Addicted to the Hunters Lair ARE You?

    Hi my names Rich and I'm a lairaholic. So i'm still pretty new here, recently joined and been lurking a while. Since i decided to build a suit and be a more active member here i've been spending HOURS a day this is probably because of the fact that im new and theres thousands of...

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