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    Interest Tony Stark/Peter Parker Sunglasses (Spider-Man: Far From Home)

    Interested! Please add me to the list.
  2. RebellionBarbie

    Rogue One - Jyn Erso BlasTech A180 Blaster Pistol

    Re: Rogue One Felicity Jones gun - ideas Are you thinking of offering the barrel extension cast for sale? I've got the Dennix and I'd order one of those in a heartbeat.
  3. RebellionBarbie

    General Leia Organa's ring and earrings, TFA

    Thanks! I really should post my other stuff from the past year, I finally did the Chiana costume I've been talking about for nearly a decade now haha. XD Can anyone figure out her earrings? Some images look kind of brass and brushed, some like silver and shiny...There are only like 2 photos so...
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    General Leia Organa's ring and earrings, TFA

    Re: General Leia Organa's ring, TFA So looking back, my first ring is rather lumpy and crazy looking, but I guess your first iteration of something always is. My very first order turned out significantly better, and I've been really enjoying making these little babies. I don't think any of...
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    General Leia Organa's ring and earrings, TFA

    Hey folks, long time no post! Just popping in to show my current work on replicating Leia's ring in The Force Awakens. No one has yet divulged the significance of the ring (I am sooo hoping it's an engagement or wedding ring, be still my little shippy heart) but I had to have it regardless...
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    Swarovski Darth Maul High Heels

    So I realized I hadn't posted in here in absolutely forever, and decided I'd throw these up on here. It's not costuming/cosplay, but it's certainly in the same vein. Didn't know where else to post it, hope this works! Before I get started, I should mention that I had actually designed these...
  7. RebellionBarbie

    Anyone make DUNE props?

    WOW! For 2 days, that's seriously impressive Baltazaar! Bodycasts do make things remarkably easier for sure. Was the gluing process for the foam a part of the last minute thing? I'm probably going to try to stitch the edges of the foam to the bodysuit, but I'm not certain. I'm (hopefully)...
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    Who's better - Indy or O´Connell..Or..Jake Cutter.. OR..... Lara Croft...

    Re: Who's better - Indy or O´Connell? Both. :love:love:love
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    7 classic movies you didn't know were rip-offs

    I'd pretty much assumed that Pirates had ripped off Monkey Island for ages now, but I'm actually really sad that the screenplay writer did a Monkey Island screenplay, then left and did Pirates. It's like that could have been a legitimate Monkey Island movie, instead of renaming the characters...
  10. RebellionBarbie

    Night Stalker movie with Johnny Depp??

    Regarding the other project mentioned in that article--my family and I do the reenactment of one of those historical battles, I've spent many years around the historically accurate representation of Paul Revere. I can tell you right now, for a solid fact, Paul Revere did NOT wear white makeup...
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    New Doctor Who Series Discussion *Spoilers*

    I loved the finale. I'm sad to see people going on news sites talking about the finale doing nothing but whining and griping in comments about how bad this season was, how bad Moffat is, how bad Davies was, how bad new Who is. I just hope I wasn't the only person to bawl their eyes out at...
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    Dragon Con 2011 - Post Your Pics Here!

    This guy made my night. I literally thought I was gonna cry when I saw this I was so happy. I'm so amped to start making my stillsuit now omg.
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    Will the RPF have a Presence at NYCC this year?

    Sithcamaro and I might go down because it's not a major haul for us. I can't speak for him, but I know I won't be bringing any costumes (or at least not wearing any to the con, might bring some to shoot with photographers in NYC). I just hate costuming at that con, it can be such a miserable...
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    Sucker Punch costume thread

    Atalante, vos costumes sont magnifique, et votre groupe aussi, très bien :) Haha yeah really. It may just be me though. I'm used to skates being an extension of myself, not weaponry. I may just be klutzy about that. I'll try not to give you any more concussions. :lol

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