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    MAY 4, 2019 ONE-DAY SHOW IN NY

    Which Library/branch is this being held at? I can send the info to the local 501st and Rebel Legion chapters for you
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    Show us your Star Trek costume

    Love this!! I approve and would love to see it at a con
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    HMS Garage sale April 7, 2018

    any idea when the next one will be?
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    Rogue One question

    Upside down is all relative in space. It makes sense that the station would orient the laser dish towards the planet in order to fire. depending on the direction of travel of the Battlestation towards the planet, it might appear on the planet that the station is upside down. now, I think the...
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    Westworld Man in Black LeMat

    the problem with the Lemat is that there is no bullet conversion kit for the real thing. the cap and ball pistol is a .44 I believe, but the cylinder has no room for the cartridge rim. the TV conversion uses a .38 short cartridge. the problem there is the round is now smaller then that barrel...
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    Star Trek Voyager: Surgical Alteration Device prop

    that is very sweet, any plans to offer any of these Voyager props for people?
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    Star Trek Voyager Dermal Regenerator prop

    Very sweet prop, great addition! :)
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    NCIS Badge HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Star TREK Plaque (Project)

    Those look great! I'm tempted to get a custom one for my Club Ship!
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    Star Trek: stuff that grinds my gears...

    I always hated this too, as much as it was more dramatic for Kes to give up one and for them to share that, If 2 humans could each give a lung, the Doctor could then replicate replacements for the donors. The reason Given for Neelix not getting replicated organs were that Telaxian Anatomy was...
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    Survivor: Brains, Beauty Bronze

    Tony is an absolute Idiot who has been able to confuse and scare people into following him. Woo definately woke up too Late. Tony Voted for Trish so he can go back to Woo and Maybe Spencer now (since Kass is "dead" to him" and say "I see you guys were right, and we have to work together to get...
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    TNG Hypospray - finished scratchbuild with pics - kits available

    This post is 4 years old, not sure it's still out there.
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    Who eles can play Iron man/Tony Stark?

    I think Marvel will recast Stark, but there will be a buffer in there, Stark goes away, whether they do the losing all his money plot or just him walking away from the Suit. then Rhody will take on the role of Iron Man (rather then War Machine) We've already seen Both Banner and Rhody recast...
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    I think they killed Garret like that just so the fans can't say, "bring him back" or "he's not really dead" Joss just wanted to cut all that off right now and let Garret stay dead.
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    The Destroyer Gun was outstanding! "I know what this does!" and the smile on his face. PRICELESS!!!! Loved the Fight between Ward and May, and The use of the Saw. the Nail Gun was perfect as well. May should have kept the berzerker Staff!! would be so handy to have an asgardian weapon. and...