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    Saw a display of model kits at my local Walmart, including Enterprise C (?)

    Nice to see an attempt to bring models back to Wallie-World, but Oye! I wish they hadn't included the Knight Rider kit. Sad to say,it is a dog...not for kids (would disappoint) and even the hard-core KR fan will struggle to maintain motivation to finish it. I was building one for a friend and...
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    A problem with flowing liquid from the silicone

    Always learning something new here! Regards, Robert
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    Make mold of 600 piece model kit?

    Scale Model Workshop by Paul Budzik Excellent tutorials covering wide range of subjects. Regards, Robert
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    Rookie Airbrush Question (sorry - I know you experts are sick of these)

    I purchased a cheap compressor from Wallieworld but one with a two gallon tank. Turned out to be a great little pressor, reasonably quite and turns on and off automatically. I added a water trap but already had dual gauges so I can see and adjust the outlet pressure. I run it at about 40psi and...
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    1/48 B-Wing Scratch Build

    Cool! No, sharing is good! Regards, Robert
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    Make mold of 600 piece model kit?

    Did a quick search and see there are collectiables for this subject, which I assume are aimed at those wanting a shelf trophy. As far as the question re: cost, molding and casting from resin an entire kit would be very expensive in material and time and the result, assuming you don't have any...
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    Hasbro U-Wing toy - Anyone scaled it yet?

    Looks good! Perhaps I should rethink the whole thing... I look forward to your results. Regards, Robert
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    Hasbro U-Wing toy - Anyone scaled it yet?

    Given the range of issues with the Hasbro toy, I determined it would be less work scratchbuilding a model than accurizing the toy. Being made up of essentially flat plates, just a matter of a bunch of straight cuts (yeah right!) Good to see the interest in models of this size, though! R/ Robert
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    imperial Spacestation

    Of course, this is moot for you since you've already printed the fleet! ;)
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    imperial Spacestation

    One strategy is to make your printed masters hollow so they can be cast that way. The SD also would be better casts (if you don't have a pressure pot or vacuum pump to deaerate the resin) because you can make the molds so the internal surface is topside for the bubbles to 'rise to'. Because the...
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    Papercraft help

    Guess I'm no help. I've never used a hot glue gun, only PVA and CA for paper crafting. Big lessons I've learned are: Paper is very challenging Paper requires extreme precision Get a whetstone and keep the blades sharp Regards, Robert
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    Display Stands - Ikea $10

    Nice tip! Say, what is "SAV" ? Cheers ~ Robert
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    Papercraft help

    Any pix to help understand what is happening? Regards, Robert
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    Scratchbuilt Millennium Falcon 1/72nd

    I know how that is, HH, when other distractions kick in! Such a beauty and all your own independent craft, truly art. Regards, Robert
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    Eagle Transporter 1/48 (22") by Round 2 MPC

    And yet another fine bit o' fettling! As always. Thank you for sharing, John! Regards, Robert