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    Enterprise EM-33 pistol measurments

    Anybody have dimensions of this pistol from Enterprise?
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    FZ6/MSLZ22 Hasbro Falcon resin upgrade info thread

    I'd very interested in upgrade parts!
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    Han Solo Greedo Killer Blaster Scope

    Does anybody know where i can purchase a good, clean copy of the scope used on the Greedo Killer blaster? It is a super COMPAC 4x31 scope. Very hard to find one of these but hoping that some one will have or knows of somebody who can supply a good casting of one.
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    Han Solo Greedo Killer Blaster Grill

    Hi, Does anybody know where i can get a resin or metal grill that fits on the Han Solo Greedo Killer Blaster? Thanks
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    Battlestar Galactica TOS Colonial Shuttle

    Does anybody know if a studio scale kit is being offered of the colonial shuttle from the original Battlestar Galactica series? If not, does anybody know if anybody is selling resin copies of kit parts used on the shuttle? Been thinking about scratchbuilding this vehicle. Have a few kits that...
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    Star Trek first contact phaser rifle retractable shoulder strap

    Hi, I purchased a full scale resin star trek first contact phaser rifle (type IIIb) and would like to add a retractable shoulder strap system in the stock as seen in the movie. There is a hollowed out area in the stock for a system to be placed into it. I was informed that an actual...
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    Is it possible to shrink RTV rubber molds?

    A rescent post asked if it was possible to enlarge a prop. I was wondering if the opposite could be done? I've heard of this technique before but does anybody have any idea of how this can be achieved? Especially shrinking RTV rubber molds. Radiant777
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    Studio Scale "E.T." ship?

    Thanks for the pics, arc60. I too, would like to have a studio scale, or smaller, replica of this ship. I've seriously have thought about attempting to scratchbuilt the ship for many years now but there's just not enough references to build a descent version of it. Best reference I have is...
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    Studio Scale "E.T." ship?

    Hey, arc60, even though you had focus problems, I'd be interested to see the pictures you did manage to take. OAlso, do you plan on going back to attempt to take better pics someday? Radiant777
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    Studio Scale "E.T." ship?

    I always think about building the ship around this time of year because the stores are selling plastic easter eggs. Though on closer study of the actual photos of the studio model it doesnt really have that egg shape. It appears to be more of an ovalish shape. Any opinions? Would be real...